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The Company’s service offerings are organized around the four main stages of the IT lifecycle: Plan, Design, Build, and Run. Taos’ expertise in leading edge technologies and deep knowledge across all infrastructure, cloud operations, and datacenter domains allows Taos the ability to plan, design, build, and run its client’s IT infrastructure systems. As part of the nation's IT landscape since 1989, we have the expertise to help our clients achieve the operational excellence demanded of them, and we’ve built the support network to ensure our talented technologists succeed.

At Taos, we're changing the face of IT in some of the nation's most innovative companies with our diverse solutions, exceptional talent and thought leadership. Organizations and IT consultants alike turn to us for advice, insight and opportunities. Contact Taos today and we’ll show you what it’s like to work with a company driven by a relentless focus on all things Infrastructure.

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The Ric Urrutia Story

25 YEARS | As Taos celebrates a milestone, CEO Ric Urrutia shares how he’s kept the IT company on the leading edge of a volatile and competitive industry

Ric Urrutia took a calculated risk when he walked away from Apple Inc. to start Taos in 1989. But less than a year later, his new company had grown so much it was hiring more than 10 employees and relocating to a large office space. 25 years later, the IT company is still going strong. While similar companies have come and gone, Taos has made its mark in Silicon Valley by hiring the best of the best and focusing relentlessly on meeting the changing needs of today’s modern tech customer. Below, Urrutia looks back on his first quarter century and looks forward to what’s next in the exciting world of IT services. Read More

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