In the late 1980’s, Ric Urrutia and Alexis Tatarsky were working together as UNIX engineers at Apple Computer. They observed the resume flow and interview process of independent contractors needed to support their team, and the frustration when the performance of many of these contractors failed to meet expectations. They recognized that in the process of assessing the fit of a technologist for a project, resumes were largely irrelevant and a new paradigm was needed.

Eager to find a better way to qualify and support the top technical contractors, Ric and Alexis came up with an idea for a new model, the foundation of Taos’ TIV (technical interview) process. In 1989, they founded Taos to provide exceptional IT consulting services by using this intensive technical interview to qualify technical talent, and by supporting that talent with extensive resources to ensure client objectives were met quickly. Making sure our Taos resources are supported and have their career evolution needs met has contributed to our retention of amazing technologists.

Over the years, Taos has added to its service offerings to keep pace with the evolution of technology and the needs of our clients. In 2006, Taos added a project and advisory practice, and in 2009 established a managed infrastructure service center in Boise, Idaho. Taos still operates under the same principles that contributed to its success from its founding, ensuring a deep relationship with clients and an in depth understanding of their environment, combined with long term relationships with its technology staff, so that the best available resources are matched to fill the client need. Check out our timeline below for a history of Silicon Valley and to see why “IT Talent is synonymous with Taos.”