Our network of accomplished IT professionals is the backbone of Taos. They’ll nurture and support you every step of the way. Because when you succeed, so do we. Become a Taoser, and you’ll become part of a community of your peers unlike any other.

Meet Your Personal Mentor

Taos Practice Leaders work with you to solve your toughest IT challenges. They’re the best in their particular area and can help you hone your technical skills. Best of all, they enjoy sharing their wisdom by leading discussions on IT trends, new software development, career paths, and more. Think of it like having a bunch of specialized Yodas at your disposal.

Engagement Managers Keep You Connected

We’re committed to make every engagement a success for both you and our clients. That’s why we have Engagement Managers to help you navigate the politics, make sure your marching orders are crystal clear, help you find the resources you need, and serve as your lifeline to Taos while you’re out on assignment.

Tech Groups Extend Support

Help is everywhere if you know where to look. For example, USENIX provides professional and technical information to system administrators through a variety of programs, offers conferences and training, provides tools, information and services, and establishes standards of professional excellence. Locally, the BayLISA user group for system and network administrators meets monthly to discuss topics of interest to administrators and managers of sites supporting more than 100 users and/or computers. If it involves IT, it’s been touched by Taos.