CIO Cloud Strategy and Architecture

Nephophobia a fear of the clouds – and its common with many CIO’s and directors of technology. As illustrated last week even the resilient Microsoft had issues with its Azure service.  For many this only stoked further fears around the cloud.  What is clear though is that cloud is simply Continue reading

Cloud Contracts: A CIO’s Dream or Nightmare?

Guest blogger Bijan Dastmalchi, Principal at Symphony Consulting, Inc. It sounds like a CIO’s dream: infinitely scalable services without worrying about installing, configuring, updating, and managing the underlying software and hardware.  With this infrastructure residing at a third party facility, the CIOs of the world can now rely on someone Continue reading

Thinking about the future of private Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The other night I was at a Taos mixer discussing with several other consultants the impact of virtualization and cloud computing. It was interesting to see others take on the the adoption and even the meaning of cloud. The most interesting part of the conversation was when Trish Palumbo, our VP of Talent Management, asked how we Continue reading