The gitlab-markup supply chain vulnerability..

by Jason Ritzke  | Systems Engineer at Taos …or how I stubbed my toe on the keys to a few dozen kingdoms I’m authoring this security write up in ReStructuredText. An odd way to start this off, I know. But bear with me, I promise that ReStructuredText is relevant to Continue reading

Going serverless…it’s like going pantless.

by Brandon Knitter | Technical Consultant at Taos You know what sucks?  Servers. You know what sucks more?  Servers that break. You know what sucks the most?  Servers that break and require maintenance. Virtual machines have brought us a long way, and more recently containers have taken us even further. Continue reading

Are unikernels the next big thing?

by Brandon Knitter | Technical Consultant at Taos As anyone in the tech industry knows, the pace of innovation is incredibly high.  I spend more time acquiring knowledge than I do applying it. That pace has no sign of slowing down. With advancements in software hosting solutions in the past Continue reading

The Amazing Experience of Organizing Devopsdays Boise

by Julie Gunderson | Relationship & Community Manager at Taos As the Community Manager for Taos, I spend the majority of my time on the road attending many of the best tech conferences in the U.S. and meeting some of the most brilliant minds.  Being based out of the Taos Continue reading

The Wide World of Tools

by Jess Males | Technical Consultant at Taos There’s a long list of technologies operations staff have to know.  Networking, storage, web-servers, email, DNS, kernels, monitoring: this list is far from complete.  This is a formidable list, and enough to keep anyone busy, but, let’s take a moment to look Continue reading

Turning the Corner | Hopeful Developments in the Information Security Field

by Joel Duisman, Senior Technical Consultant & Security Practice Leader at Taos “Turning the Corner”  —  An expression denoting new horizons and chance to move beyond old obstacles. In the early 1980s, when I was first exposed to email, I initially marveled the effectiveness and utility of asynchronous communication through computer Continue reading

How to Alienate People by Making Their Lives Easier – Security in the 21st Century

by Mark McCullough, Senior Technical Consultant at Taos Information security, infosec for short, is traditionally characterized by Mordac, Preventer of Information Services of Dilbert™ fame, where every improvement in security comes at the cost of usability.  That model doesn’t work today. Cloud services creates problems of identity and access management Continue reading