IT Talent on Demand 2In a market for talent that struggles to keep up with the pace of technology, Taos’ brand stands the test of time. Our rigorous assessment process enables us to identify, align and deliver technologists to companies in dire need of the right talent.

Rigorous Testing, Comprehensive Support

Before they can become “Taosers,” IT candidates are accurately evaluated using our comprehensive Technical Interview (TIV) process. During this rigorous technical testing they must prove what they know. And after they join Taos, we ensure they stay ahead of the curve by matching them with senior practice leaders and giving them access to technical resources.

Variety Is the Spice of IT

Multiple and diverse assignments are the key to accelerating careers within the IT space. Once a technologist has mastered an infrastructure environment they are ready to move into another organization where they can continue to hone and refine their troubleshooting, just in time learning and technical skills.  Taos consultants will work an average of 2-4 assignments per year.  This model allows their learning curve and skills to remain sharp and relevant.

Onsite or Remote Consultants

From the Bay Area to Boise to Boston . . . on site at your facility or working virtually . . . collaborating with your in-house team or working independently . . . No matter when, where, or what IT service you need, count on Taos to deliver.

From Geeks to Gurus

Taos was founded by technologists. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to identify, assess, develop and deliver top technical talent. Our geeks and gurus have front row seats on emerging technologies such as configuration management, virtualization, cloud stacks, and networking/storage operating systems. From the earliest days of OS, scripting languages and delivery technologies, Taosers have evolved with the changes. Today, our gurus continue to help push the limit of open source technologies adopted by enterprise clients. That’s why there’s someone with Taoser blood in their veins involved in just about every new IT technology development.