Business MeetingSuccessful IT projects begin with experienced leaders who plan, drive strategy and decisions that match the needs of the business. Whether you’re a large enterprise searching for an interim CIO, or a growing company looking for an IT consultant to plan and build high-end capabilities, we can help you assess your needs and design balanced solutions.

CIOs When & Where You Need One

The edge your organization needs can often be found in the strategic advice of an IT professional who’s been there, done that. Sometimes you may need this executive full time for months. Other times, just a day or two a week will do. The challenge is finding the right consultant when, where, and for however long you need. Through Taos OCIO™ (Office of the CIO) we provide more accomplished senior IT executives than any staffing agency. In fact, the majority of the top IT executives working in Silicon Valley today have a connection to Taos.