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The main ingredient of our secret sauce is our people

The combination of multi-cloud, distributed IT landscapes and modern software architectures have put an unrealistic burden on the developer community to understand complex underlying infrastructure deeply. Even dedicated infrastructure and ops teams struggle to enable consistency and efficiency across environments, making it challenging to ensure security, compliance, and speed to market.

Taos can help you free your developers to focus on delivering cutting-edge applications by shifting to a platform approach, where your infrastructure, APIs, and delivery orchestrations are all automated and powered by code.

Enable frictionless, self-serve access to standardized, reusable tools, workflows, and components

Create a scalable, sharable, and resilient infrastructure with automated operations

Streamline time to market for new apps and enhancements
Improve efficiencies across development, deployment, management, and maintenance

There Is No “One Size Fits All”

Your platform should be engineered to serve your users. Designing, developing, and managing a platform requires deep technology and process expertise across clouds and must be aligned with an organization’s unique requirements.

Taos has been at the forefront of the platform engineering revolution and we’re ready to support your transformation in tune with your engineering and operational expectations and your users’ needs.


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Learn the principles behind platform engineering and how to leverage it to accelerate software development and manage your underlying infrastructure.

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Partner with Taos to tap into the power of platform engineering and align infrastructure modernization initiatives directly to top-priority outcomes. 

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