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Improve your Cloud Security Posture

Webinar: Is Compliance Part of Your Culture?

Join Larry LaBas, Security/GCP Practice Leader, Jay Cuthrell Partner Offering Leader & Tim Clark, Principal Architect, Thursday, Oct 20th for a 40-minute webinar on how to mature and develop your security posture for your enterprise. 

Webinar: Transforming Security into a Business Enabler

Join Larry LaBas, Security/GCP Practice Leader and Tim Clarke, Principal Architect, Thursday Oct 27th for a discussion on how to transform security into a business enabler. 

Taos helped a Global mass media, and entertainment conglomerate by Enhancing security posture by implementing 24/7 monitoring and management.

Did you know “Every CEO, at this point, is now in the business of cybersecurity.”

As databases grow and network footprints expand, so do the vulnerabilities and risks associated with them. How are you going to protect your data against cybercriminals, network failures and straightforward employee error?

No matter the shape or size of your business, no matter what industry you’re in, Taos Security Strategists can partner with you to elevate your data defense. Discover peace of mind with the help of Taos Security Strategists, who are here to:

Establish proven data security and recovery strategies
Identify and plug potential vulnerabilities in your environment
Protect against ransomware and prevent costly downtime.

Proactive Ransomware Security Strategy for the CEO and CIO Paper

6 fundamentals to embed in your business.

Taos Security Series Blog #1: Recovery Can Be as Easy as 3-2-1

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Case Study

Taos helps Crocus Energy move to Google Cloud for increased scalability and speed.


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The Buzz

Taos named Global Managed Cloud Services Company of the Year for 2022 by Frost & Sullivan

Taos Named a Global Leader in Cloud Computing and Kubernetes in the 2022 Stratus Award

"Taos accommodated my need to have a remote team supporting our aging vSphere footprint. Even though it was against the DevOps Now standard, they allowed us to ship individual systems to their engineers and onboard them as contingent workforce. The engineers are skilled and attentive, and I trust them looking out for this part of our business."

"We had a great experience with Taos. The skillset and experience of the Taos team provided us with expertise we needed for the project. They were able to pull in additional expertise for related topics and conversations."

"Taos is a solid technology consultancy partner. They bring several decades of tried-and-true experience in technologies. They are my go-to partner to enlist for architecture, consultants, and managed services."

"Taos Tier 1 support services have been excellent since implementation in early Q1 2020. They were a key asset in helping us transition our workforce to a remote Work From Home one."