Taos takes #1 and Company of the Year for Global Managed Services Market, 2021

“Taos’ unique value proposition lies in its ability to successfully implement emerging technologies, enabling their enterprise clients to truly push the envelope of their digital transformation efforts. The company’s unique automation-driven approach makes it among the highest-value providers in this market.”

Anisha Vinny, Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

In the 2021 Frost Radar Global Managed Cloud Services, Taos is ranked #1 and named as Cloud Managed Services Provider of the Year.

About Frost & Sullivan:
Frost & Sullivan is a market research company that releases annual reports to provide performance benchmarking, encouraging strategic initiatives and highlighting cloud-based growth for enterprises around the world.

Taos named Cloud Managed Services Company of the Year

“The Taos two-pronged focus on hiring the best technology talent and staying ahead of the innovation curve ensures consistently high-quality engagements and customer satisfaction. For its strong overall performance, Taos is recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2021 Company of the Year Award in the Global Managed Cloud Services industry.”

Frost and Sullivan, Cloud MSP of the Year

Your Journey to the Cloud with Taos Infographic

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Cloud is not a destination, it’s a journey —and one that seems to keep evolving. No matter where you are on your journey with cloud, Taos can help.




Frost Analyst Blog Spotlight: Why Taos earns top position on the 2021 Frost Radar™

“Frost & Sullivan believes that Taos’ focus on recruiting the best minds in the business is the ultimate cornerstone of it success. The people of Taos drive its growth, brand name recognition and glowing customer reviews.”

Anisha Vinny, Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan