Industry Outcomes

We meet you where you are, provide services and support your journey. Cloud is not a destination, it’s a journey-and one that  keeps evolving. No matter where you are on your journey with cloud, Taos can help.

Aerospace and Defense

With growing global competition, tightening regulatory standards, and an increasing demand for financial and moral accountability, aerospace and defense organizations are turning to Taos to lower risk and optimize data management.

Consumer Products/Wholesale

Taos experts can help consumer products and wholesalers gain better visibility of the lifecycle of goods and commodities. Digital transformation services are available to automate process and streamline highly scalable online orders.


Taos helps education organization harness cloud-powered technologies to maintain student engagement, optimize resources and expand eLearning opportunities. Taos partners with education professionals to automate backend processes, implement AI/ML and modernize legacy applications.

Energy and Utilities

As a critical infrastructure, energy and utility providers can partner with Taos to overcome cybercrime threats, regulatory oversight and automation challenges through digital transformation.


Regulatory oversight, cyber threats and the growth of FinTech are challenges Taos can help financial service providers overcome through digital transformation and expert guidance.

Government Federal

Taos offers the expertise needed to replace legacy IT systems, address evolving threats to information security and transition to commercial cloud computing—all while maintaining strict compliance with federal regulations.

Government State and Local

As state and local government IT managers turn to hybrid cloud platforms to establish a more resilient, agile and secure data infrastructure, Taos experts are able to step in and provide digital transformation solutions that are streamlined, scalable and economical.


Healthcare providers are seeking innovative approaches to reduce cost, increase patient accessibility, keep patient data secure and deliver higher-quality care. Taos Cloud and DevOps solutions provide a critical key to healthcare’s digital transformation.


Electronics and hardware vendors are facing severe disruptions with ongoing supply chain challenges. Taos experts are partnering with high-tech enterprises to help streamline their CRM and supply chain logistics.


The industrial sectors are a high-risk area with the growing threat of cybercrime and expansion of endpoint network access. Taos Cloud and DevOps expertise helps industrials secure data and strategically ignite business growth.


The insurance industry is slowly but surely becoming a cloud-based entity. Surviving this transition requires specialized expertise that Taos Cloud and DevOps services can provide.

Life Sciences

As a highly regulated industry, life sciences faces unique challenges in moving to cloud-based operations. Taos offers data compliance, protection and ongoing digital transformation services.

Media & Entertainment

Taos helps media and entertainment companies align with digital transformation to automate processes and grow their businesses through scalability, enhanced security and cloud management.

Oil & Gas

Taos Cloud and DevOps solutions help oil and gas organizations implement more optimized reservoir models, automate rig operations and provide flexible scalability while reducing operational costs.


As retail increasingly turns to online sales and virtual customer service to survive, Taos can enable industry growth despite supply chain challenges, workforce dislocation and high return rates. Increase revenue and reduce risk with cloud-based solutions.


Taos Cloud and DevOps solutions can empower telecom providers to enhance customer experience and service reliability while better handling regulatory compliance, cybersecurity concerns and digital transformation initiatives.

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Travel & Transportation

Dealing with global disruption, plummeting customer trust, and a need for powerful demand forecasting, travel and transportation organizations are increasingly relying on Taos to reduce risk and enable success in hybrid cloud and mobile data environments. 

The Buzz

Taos named Global Managed Cloud Services Company of the Year for 2022 by Frost & Sullivan

Taos Named a Global Leader in Cloud Computing and Kubernetes in the 2022 Stratus Award

"Taos accommodated my need to have a remote team supporting our aging vSphere footprint. Even though it was against the DevOps Now standard, they allowed us to ship individual systems to their engineers and onboard them as contingent workforce. The engineers are skilled and attentive, and I trust them looking out for this part of our business."

"We had a great experience with Taos. The skillset and experience of the Taos team provided us with expertise we needed for the project. They were able to pull in additional expertise for related topics and conversations."

"Taos is a solid technology consultancy partner. They bring several decades of tried-and-true experience in technologies. They are my go-to partner to enlist for architecture, consultants, and managed services."

"Taos Tier 1 support services have been excellent since implementation in early Q1 2020. They were a key asset in helping us transition our workforce to a remote Work From Home one."