Overcoming Electronics and Computer Challenges With Taos

Organizations within the computer and electronics industries are dealing with twin challenges of supply chain disruptions and hardware shortages. Many hardware and electronics manufacturers are struggling to meet market needs, and these issues are expected to continue as delayed pipelines result in limited availability and unhappy customers.

Putting manufacturing innovation first

For electronics and online-connected products, digital transformation and innovation are central to creating positive customer experiences. To deal with the massive amounts of data being generated in production, organizations must improve their data management solutions to streamline their complex supply chains and business processes. This involves:

Establishing accurate, real-time information for field service

Integrating or replacing proprietary legacy systems with hybrid solutions

Adopt SaaS to scale consumer and production services and cut costs

Finding a balance between on-premises and cloud storage solutions

Take control of the risks with Taos

Digital transformation with Taos helps computer and electronics manufacturers capitalize on scalability, AI/ML, enhanced security and cloud economics. Taos offers Advisory Services, Professional Services, Managed IT and Security Services.

The Buzz

Taos named Global Managed Cloud Services Company of the Year for 2022 by Frost & Sullivan

Taos Named a Global Leader in Cloud Computing and Kubernetes in the 2022 Stratus Award

"Taos accommodated my need to have a remote team supporting our aging vSphere footprint. Even though it was against the DevOps Now standard, they allowed us to ship individual systems to their engineers and onboard them as contingent workforce. The engineers are skilled and attentive, and I trust them looking out for this part of our business."

"We had a great experience with Taos. The skillset and experience of the Taos team provided us with expertise we needed for the project. They were able to pull in additional expertise for related topics and conversations."

"Taos is a solid technology consultancy partner. They bring several decades of tried-and-true experience in technologies. They are my go-to partner to enlist for architecture, consultants, and managed services."

"Taos Tier 1 support services have been excellent since implementation in early Q1 2020. They were a key asset in helping us transition our workforce to a remote Work From Home one."