Supporting Market Expansion With the Cloud

While many consumer segments shifted to online digital commerce, one of the largest consumer categories, grocery, remained at 4% online sales in the US in 2019. Things changed in 2020, and online orders of groceries rose 210% from March 12 to March 15 compared with the same period in 2019.*
*Forbes March 29, 2020. “The Impact of Covid-10 on US Brands and Retailers.”

Growing consumer pains

Growing during transition comes with challenges in many areas for retail and wholesale:

Rising transportation costs are impacting retailers like Jo-Ann Stores that spent 10X its historical prices to move products from one point to another.*
Intermittent supply chain instability is causing delays, disruptions and financial stress. For example, the spot container rates from Asia to the U.S. in the second week of September 2020 were 499X their cost the year before.*
Shortage of goods in high demand has impacted supply, including computers, video game consoles, toys, fabric and raw materials needed for making a wide range of items, such as car tires.
*The WSJ, September 16, 2021. “Rising Transportation Costs Are Latest Inflation Riddle.”

Take control with Taos

Digital transformation with Taos helps consumer products and wholesalers gain better visibility of the lifecycle and status of goods and commodities. They can also automate processes and handle fluctuations of online orders, capitalizing on scalability, enhanced security and cloud economics. Taos offers Advisory Services, Professional Services, Managed IT and Security Services.

Taos works with you to develop a unique solution that best fits your needs and optimizes your ROI.

The Buzz

Taos named Global Managed Cloud Services Company of the Year for 2022 by Frost & Sullivan

Taos Named a Global Leader in Cloud Computing and Kubernetes in the 2022 Stratus Award

"Taos accommodated my need to have a remote team supporting our aging vSphere footprint. Even though it was against the DevOps Now standard, they allowed us to ship individual systems to their engineers and onboard them as contingent workforce. The engineers are skilled and attentive, and I trust them looking out for this part of our business."

"We had a great experience with Taos. The skillset and experience of the Taos team provided us with expertise we needed for the project. They were able to pull in additional expertise for related topics and conversations."

"Taos is a solid technology consultancy partner. They bring several decades of tried-and-true experience in technologies. They are my go-to partner to enlist for architecture, consultants, and managed services."

"Taos Tier 1 support services have been excellent since implementation in early Q1 2020. They were a key asset in helping us transition our workforce to a remote Work From Home one."