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Taos helped a Global mass media, entertainment conglomerate with a 49% reduction of incident tickets due to proactive automation in a 4-year period

Trusted Expertise to Manage Your Mission-Critical Operations

Taos Hybrid Cloud Managed Service (HCMS) offers unified monitoring of your hybrid, multi-cloud, and hyperscaler infrastructure. Our engineering teams perform against strict SLAs and SLOs and, with automation, will evolve your hybrid cloud operational maturity to improve ROI, security, reliability, availability, and efficiency.

Reduce Cost and Overhead

Benefit from the expertise, tooling, and processes accumulated over the years of supporting multiple clients. Pay a fraction of the price for an equivalent in-house team. Taos provides the opportunity to “right-size” your operational team. Reduce/eliminate “legacy monitoring tool sprawl.”

Mitigate Risk

Reduce financial and reputational risk, using automation and optimized process to reduce the number of Sev 1/Sev 2 incidents. Reduce cyber security risk by streamlining patching cadence and automating endpoint security configuration.

Focus on Innovation

Re-invest monitoring savings to focus on business innovation through new applications and optimized services that differentiate and grow revenue.  Free your operational team to focus on strategic projects and stay current with the latest technology.

HCMS Focus Area

Unified Monitoring Across Clouds

24×7 monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting.  Managing your hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure and workloads thru a “single lense” increases agility; accelerates problem determination (PD); and, reduces the Mean Time to Respond (MTTr).

Continuous Improvement

Automate to improve operations and reduce ticket volumes.  Continuously identify, drive, measure, and report on opportunities that will improve ROI, security, reliability, availability, and efficiency.


Taos helped a Real-time AI powered platform provider with a 74% reduction in client hours annually to patch due to automation and standardization

Service Models Staffed with Cloud and Infrastructure Experts

HCMS is operated around the clock by our Cloud Operations team.  Our rigorously vetted technologists have a depth of experience and breadth of knowledge across the tech stack to create ongoing optimized outcomes for your business.

Every client is assigned a Customer Success Manager who is responsible for service delivery; serves as the “voice of the customer;” and, monitors Taos’ key performance indicators in the customer environment.  The Taos CSM identifies and drives continuous improvement opportunities targeting improved ROI, QOS, and efficiency.

Two Service Models are Available

Shared Service Model

  • A pool of expert resources shared across customers for cost-effective and highly efficient coverage
  • Burst resources available to address demand spikes

Dedicated Service Model

  • Dedicated admins and engineers that can be on-site or managed remotely
  • Utilizes client tools and operating procedures

Safe, Secure and Reliable

The Taos Operations Center is located in Boise, Idaho. We provide service continuity throughout service tiers and activities, resulting in high customer satisfaction scores. Our Service Center is ISO27001, SOC 2, and HIPAA certified and in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

The Taos Difference

Multi-Cloud Technical Expertise

Our Operations Center staff is comprised of technical talent across all major public cloud platforms. With over 300 cloud certifications across our organization, we can advise you on the best services and toolsets for your applications and workloads. Whether you have a hybrid on-prem and cloud environment or a complex multi-cloud infrastructure in place, our teams are ready to take it on.

Stronger Partnerships

Taos was an early adopter of public cloud technologies and forged deep relationships with AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Google Cloud Premier Managed Services Partner and Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner, our technical depth and breadth in each of these platforms has been evaluated and verified. We are your trusted advisor when it comes to navigating the vast cloud landscape.

Cloud Expense Management

Taos helps you gain discipline and control around your organization’s cloud spend. We use visibility, trending, alerting, optimization and chargeback enablement to identify and recommend improvements to your cloud costs.

7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Continuous Improvement

The Taos Managed Cloud service offering was designed and built on DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering principals. We actively seek opportunities for continuous improvement of your processes, tooling and architecture. Your Customer Success Manager will work with our teams to review, recommend, guide and support improvements to your operations and environments to keep your business running at its peak.

DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering  (SRE) Expertise

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Hybrid Cloud Managed Service (HCMS) helps reduce operating costs, reduce cyber security risk, and improve agility. 


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The Buzz

Taos named Global Managed Cloud Services Company of the Year for 2022 by Frost & Sullivan

Taos Named a Global Leader in Cloud Computing and Kubernetes in the 2022 Stratus Award

"Taos accommodated my need to have a remote team supporting our aging vSphere footprint. Even though it was against the DevOps Now standard, they allowed us to ship individual systems to their engineers and onboard them as contingent workforce. The engineers are skilled and attentive, and I trust them looking out for this part of our business."

"We had a great experience with Taos. The skillset and experience of the Taos team provided us with expertise we needed for the project. They were able to pull in additional expertise for related topics and conversations."

"Taos is a solid technology consultancy partner. They bring several decades of tried-and-true experience in technologies. They are my go-to partner to enlist for architecture, consultants, and managed services."

"Taos Tier 1 support services have been excellent since implementation in early Q1 2020. They were a key asset in helping us transition our workforce to a remote Work From Home one."