A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes of a Cyberattack

Taos helps a global media and entertainment company recover from a devastating cyberattack

Business Outcomes

  • Support case count reduced by 22.5% a year
  • Server provisioning time cut by 80%
  • Time to resolve high volume requests lowered by 91%
  • Replaced the 78 days manual server provisioning with a 16-day automated process
  • Centralized visibility with informative and actionable insight
  • Enhanced security with 24/7 monitoring and management




  • Complex and sustained cyberattack
  • Deliberately disabled servers rendered unsalvageable
  • Internal network was compromised and shut down
  • The business and employee data were not segregated


  • Taos’ experts sprang into action and helped the company rebuild its IT environment fresh in a more secure and agile fashion.
  • Taos optimized workflow procedures reducing incident triage time.
  • Taos streamlined the provision process and accuracy of virtual server requirements.

Customer Profile

Media & Entertainment

Executive Summary 

A cyberattack rendered a global media and entertainment company’s network and servers unusable. Taos’ experts sprang into action and helped the company rebuild its IT environment afresh in a more secure and agile fashion.Taos recognized the need for quick action, established an aggressive recovery schedule, and got to work. Taos’ team also arranged for a managed service that includes a Network Operations Center (NOC) and onsite support engineers. Taos installed new servers, renovated cloud services, and secured the infrastructure with 24/7/365 monitoring and outstanding visibility. The client’s operations are back online, secured and optimized for business continuity and unlimited growth.

Standing Up Global Support

The task required support for the client both in the US and across the globe. Taos set up a NOC in the US and utilized its Center of Excellence to optimize collaboration between architects and SMEs from Taos and the client. The close cooperation facilitated rapid progress in imagining and implementing practical solutions that met the client’s business objectives. The secret recipe was overlaying the Taos Continuous Refinement Methodology into the client’s MSP engagement.

Becoming a Trusted Partner

Taos worked closely with the client’s teams and 3rd-party support organizations to ensure a seamless implementation of the recovery plans, standing up and automating new Windows, Linux and AIX servers. The close collaboration and Taos’ commitment helped the Taos team reduce rebuilding a server from two weeks to one day. “Taos staff become trusted members of your team. They educate, innovate and automate to help you exceed your goals,” said a Taos client.

Building and Automating Diverse Solutions

Taos’ team handled rebuilding the global entertainment company’s IT infrastructure. This effort entailed rebuilding Windows, Linux, and IBM AIX servers that support many distributed locations. Taos also worked with the client to base cloud instances on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud with diverse workloads, including VMs. Besides providing a Hybrid Cloud Managed Service (HCMS), Taos’ engineers work at the main client site to facilitate collaboration and respond quickly to relevant matters.


The client’s breached internal network has been replaced with a secured infrastructure built around newly commissioned servers and security operations. The client workloads were upgraded and migrated to the best cloud environments.Taos introduced a managed NOC for 24/7 monitoring and management with Power BI visibility and user-friendly status and incidents reporting templates. The client continues to be guided and supported by Taos’ cloud migration and transformation experts who remain dedicated to resolving all problems and alleviating any security concerns.