Case Studies

Delivering End-to-End Deployment Management to Empower Future Growth

Business Outcomes

  • Rapid deployment capability
  • High operation scalability
  • Streamlined process repeatability




  • Slow system deployments
  • Inconsistent results
  • Constantly switching services


  • Multiple GKE clusters
  • CI/CD platform –
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • 8 microservices
  • Ongoing DevOps training

Customer Profile

Risk Governance

A tech-based, customer initiative and innovation company, Uni3T is a relatively new startup that had just secured its first customer and had been scaling quickly. However, they struggled with slow and inconsistent deployment of their CI/CD pipeline through GitHub. The Taos team decoupled the CI/CD process and established a streamlined workflow that has transformed Uni3T’s entire approach to deployment.

Uni3T is enjoying the ability to rapidly deliver software and app updates to customers without the previous labor-intensive oversight. Plus, they have been empowered to increase process repeatability and scale deployment as they gain more customers.