Case Studies

Entering A New 5G Market Leveraging AWS Infrastructure


Value & Differentiation

  • AWS expertise in both Consulting and Managed Services
  • Ability to leverage Infrastructure As Code (IaC) and Managed Services L1-L4 NOC support enabling both build and management of the environments programmatically
  • Architectural design, implementation, and subsequent operations support
  • Platform Engineering Services and Application Modernization combined to offer a single integrated holistic solution to Client

Client Pain Points

  • Mandated regulatory deadline as well as a need to catch up on growing developer backlog 
  • Required Network Automation to deploy in AWS EKS instead of OpenShift
  • Needed Managed AWS sandbox environments for the application development teams to develop, test and ultimately certify the network automation for the EKS efforts
  • Needed support of certification environments for five years
  • Seeking rapid and prescriptive based IaC automated deployment processes via Terraform for AWS landing-zone deployment
  • Increase program velocity to achieve business critical milestones


  • Cloud Platform Foundation for AWS
  • Landing-Zone design and deployment readiness
  • Cloud Infrastructure Automation

Client Background

A renowned service provider entering the 5G carrier market to supply innovative mobile wireless services in North America.

Customer Profile


Client Value & Business Outcomes

  • Built 15 separate AWS EKS Landing Zones to test and validate software prior to releasing to the larger Client application team
  • Enabled testing and certification environments for essential Network Automation to launch new 5G networks
  • Accelerating the velocity of containerization of applications within the AWS environment to improve the developer experience

Delivery Solution Highlights

  • Achieved critical Client milestones and avoided non compliance cost penalties 
  • Discovered, designed, and built an AWS EKS infrastructure and services for development and test environments
  • Configured AWS services (e.g. load balancer, route53, CI/CD pipeline)
  • Configured EC2 jump box to connect to the various environments
  • Implemented Infrastructure As a Code (IaC) platform
  • Enablement of application teams on the deployed environment, assets, and accelerators
  • Documentation outlining environments designs/configurations