Case Studies

Migrating Legacy Applications to GCP in record Time

Business Outcomes

  • Reduces hardware costs by replacing on-premises systems with Google Cloud Platform solutions
  • Simplifies compliance strategy for regulations including GDPR with international GCP footprint
  • Improves platform performance via move to more scalable infrastructure



  • Skills gap for cloud
  • Inadequate IT and development resources
  • Hosted data center contracts up for renewal
  • Aging apps needed new code for cloud
  • Modest security posture


  • Build automation for build services on GCP
  • Combination of lift and shift plus replatforming to migrate workloads
  • Security design and implementation
  • CI/CD tooling, architecture best practices, SRE expertise, scripting, troubleshooting, problem resolution

Customer Profile


The client relies on its online services to drive its business. The company migrated its European Union data centers to the cloud successfully and was looking to migrate two data centers located in the US in short order. The company quickly realized that the new undertaking required assistance from experienced DevOps and cloud migration experts to ensure success. In collaboration with another partner, Taos got to work and helped the client successfully migrate the two US-located data centers to Google Cloud. The Taos team delivered the desired solution on time.
Taos’ Professional Services helped the organization successfully migrate the two US-based data centers to GCP. In the process, the company’s aging applications were turned into cloud-ready apps and are on their way to be containerized at the right time. Their cloud presence is adaptable, secured, highly available and delivers superior customer experience at lower costs than the on-premises environment. Taos CI/CD and continuous automation enable the client to quickly develop, test and release new features to address changing customer needs.