Case Studies

Reworking Data Management and Metrics Infrastructure for Streamlined Oversight

Business Outcomes

  • Increased platform performance
  • Reduced downtime
  • Minimalized complexity
  • Maximized scalability



  • Massive data generation
  • Complex legacy log aggregation solution
  • Excess operational costs
  • Limited resources


  • AWS infrastructure
  • Metrics monitoring
  • Logging analytics
  • PagerDuty alert integration
  • AWS Cloud Adoption Framework

Customer Profile

Media & Entertainment

Linden Lab, a developer of virtual environments and digital entertainment experiences, had been employing an open source, custom solution to manage an enormous amount of data generated from the ECS containers running both in the cloud and via on-prem data centers. The increasing complexity of this data logging system pushed the company to contract Taos to re-architecture their entire logging and metrics infrastructure to reduce the cost and resource consumption while strengthening efficiency and productivity.

In the end, Linden Lab now has a far simpler and streamlined data logging and metrics analytics infrastructure based within the AWS environment. This has put the company on a path to optimize service performance, reduce customer response times, and have faster turnaround on system alerts. Linden Lab is well-positioned for ongoing growth, with a data management system that can easily scale with its needs.

“Linden Lab partnering with Taos reduced the complexity and expense of our logging and metrics system, and achieved better results than we’d hoped for. Taos did more than develop a working solution. They also educated our engineers on extending and maintaining it into the future, met our tight deadline, and did it all on budget.”

April White, Senior Systems Engineering Manager