Case Studies

Taos Develops and Delivers a Customized Managed Services Offering to Meet Client Needs

Business Outcomes

  • Strengthened customer experiences
  • Improved platform stability
  • Scale + faster response times



  • Slow changes through MSP
  • Unique telephony requirements
  • Tight 6-week timeline


  • Workshop to co-create blueprints
  • Lift and shift to Google Cloud
  • Knowledge transfer on Google capabilities

Customer Profile


This client originally connected with Taos to support their Level 2 Desktop Services on a one-to-one basis. Once an established relationship had been made, the company sought to deepen our resource support with a Technical Project Management consultant who could mentor the team lead for what they were calling “Client Managed Services” (CMS); a portfolio of services including support for deskside, client endpoint asset management and lifecycle, spacecraft Mission Operations console delivery and support, and some applications as services.

The customer had long managed its own IT infrastructure, holding back its engineers and other technical workers from focusing their time on feature deployments, performance improvements, and maintenance of its actual platform. After evaluating several cloud service providers, the company decided Google Cloud was the right choice, and selected partner Taos to help it migrate.

In the age of constant collaboration, consumers, and businesses expect communications systems to be available 24/7. Networking service providers must balance a strong, always-connected foundation with frictionless, easy-to-use experiences to be competitive. “If a customer tries to place a call and the line is dead, they would likely start looking for a different service provider,” says Kevin. “We pride ourselves on preventing lapses in service, and that is at the heart of our success.”

“We had to get this project done in six weeks, and Taos significantly helped us to jump-start the project,” says the Chief Architect at the customer. “We could have completed the migration on our own if we had six months, but there is no way we would have achieved a six-week time frame without Taos.”

– Chief Architect