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Taos helps Crocus Energy move to Google Cloud for increased scalability and speed.



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Energy and Utilities

Crocus Energy’s solution was 100% on-premise, requiring travel and time for physical configuration, installation, and testing. The on-prem nature of the solution also made it very difficult to push out updates and improvements. In order to scale their product and provide the most value to their customers, they needed to move their platform to the cloud. The final outcome that Crocus needed was a fully automated deployment capability that would allow them to onboard a customer in 72 hours or less while maintaining consistent communication with the Google Cloud environment to quickly troubleshoot issues and push fixes. The capability also needed to be repeatable for all future Crocus Energy customers.

Upon completion of this project, Taos delivered a new Google Cloud environment built on best practices that fully automated the deployment of Crocus Energy’s solution. The system meets all customer requirements around tolerances and exceeds their stated metrics. Crocus can set up any new customer simply by running a script. By working alongside the client’s teams and training them as the project proceeded, Taos was able to set them up for success and seamlessly transition the management of the new environment without ramp-up time. By moving their solution to Google Cloud Platform, Crocus Energy is able to take advantage of the scalability and speed of an automated, cloud-based offering and expand into new markets.