A Surprising Benefit of Increased Cybersecurity Threats

It can often feel like the reporting on cybersecurity is bleak. There are countless stats that show rampant data breaches occurring across all industries and the millions and billions of dollars either being paid out in ransom to retrieve business-critical data—or similar revenue being lost because of downtime as companies recover from similar attacks. 

It can be easy to focus on the negative, but even in the face of escalating attacks and trends of costlier threats, it’s hardly a hopeless situation. In fact, there’s a good side effect being born from the growing amount of ransomware attacks and other cybersecurity threats. 

Now, the importance of cybersecurity simply can’t be ignored. Nor can it be handled with crossed fingers and wishing for best-case outcomes in emergencies. Everyone is taking notice and starting to take more action. From IT admins to executives on the board, employees and whole teams are adopting stronger stances toward cybersecurity. This involves proactively analyzing existing security policies and strategies and determining whether current solutions are effective enough or need to be upgraded or replaced entirely to handle future threats and emergencies. 

The investment will pay off for the organization that audits its network and takes necessary steps to fill in any security gaps or shore up vulnerabilities. Now the challenge primarily lies with finding the best solutions for a particular organization and its unique infrastructure environment.  

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