When it comes to DevOps engineering and culture, a primary focus is breaking down data silos and keeping there from being a big disconnect between the DevOps team and operations. This division can otherwise cause issues with growing complexity and lack of scalability in managing a network infrastructure and data pipelines.  

DevOps engineers prioritize solving development pipeline problems in an organization’s system. As systems become more and more complex, it can undermine the reliability of operational performance and customer experiences. Internal users and external customers look for enterprise systems to be up and accessible around the clock and even the briefest outages or downtimes can cause ongoing harm to a company’s bottom line.  

For DevOps teams, increasing visibility and ownership across the enterprise infrastructure involves slow, gradual changes that help teams evolve their processes and integrate new tools as needed. Learning from failure is an essential part of the DevOps culture as goals are evaluated, initiative KPIs are tracked, and the teams adjust their efforts according to growth priorities and analysis of customer feedback.