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Accelerate your change velocity with DevOps

The transition to a cloud-based digital business underpins the future of the global economy, and change velocity is critical for the modernization initiative’s success. DevOps culture is the engine that powers app development initiatives and enables faster time to market. 66% of enterprises have become prolific software producers releasing code daily, and the trend of speedier app releases will continue to grow.  More than 500 million new apps will be developed by 2023, and 90% of the new apps will be cloud-native by 2025. (1)

Speedbumps on the transformation journey 

DevOps touches many aspects of an organization and requires disciplined teamwork. Primary challenges to the successful adoption of a DevOps culture include the internal resistance to new practices, the lack of management support, the limitations of legacy applications, and outdated development tools. Other challenges can include: 

  • Shortage of skilled developers. Taos can help bridge the technical skills gap and accelerate the introduction and use of modern DevOps and DevSecOps tools. 
  • Siloed development teams. Siloed IT teams contribute to the absence of cross-functional support for automation, complicate execution, and delay acceptance by stakeholders. Siloed software development results in inconsistent deployments and lower app quality. 
  • Inconsistent processes. The lack of adequate enterprise-wide workflow discovery and the use of antiquated app development and release processes pose potential risks to successful DevOps adoption. 
  • Absence of compliance and security. Failing to fully appreciate the challenging security and compliance requirements delays completion of modern app development and deployment. Bill Gates stated in a Microsoft memo, “when we face a choice between adding features and resolving security issues, we need to choose security.” (2) 
  • Unrealistic goals and timelines. Setting optimistic and shorter timelines results in unpredictable delivery schedules with frequent delays and extended provisioning and deployment lifecycles. 

How partnering with Taos streamlines your DevOps 

Like most transformative initiatives, DevOps works better when enterprises collaborate with experienced business partners who guide the process to a successful end. The Taos team is well-versed in DevOps best practices, ensuring that you build solutions on a solid foundation with a modern, scalable, reliable, and secure operation. 

  • Deep technical expertise. More than 500 technologists vetted through the proprietary Taos TIV process. Expertise cover networking engineering, CI/CD pipeline implementation, cloud strategy, and architecture. 
  • Broad installed base. Taos has deployed hybrid, DevOps, and multi-cloud solutions across more than 2,000 large and mid-sized enterprise clients. 
  • Partnerships. Taos has deep relationships with the three major public cloud providers (AWS, Google, and Microsoft), GitHub, and HashiCorp 
  • Competencies and certifications. Taos technologists have completed 300+ Microsoft, . AWS, and GCP certifications, assessments, and exams. 
  • Recognized in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed and Professional Services. The recognition was for completeness of vision and ability to execute. 
  • GitHub Verified Partner. Taos is one of the first GitHub Verified Partners globally, joining an elite group of partners that have gone through an in-depth verification process with the GitHub team. 

Ready to embark on your transformation journey with an experienced partner who works with your teams throughout your effort to lower business risks? Taos is prepared to help. Contact Taos and find out how to start modernizing your IT and apps. 

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(1) IDC October 2019. “IDC FutureScape Worldwide IT Industry, 2020.” 

(2) Wired 2002. “Gates Finally Discovers Security.”