By Hui-Jen (Jen) Shiau – Technical Consultant

With servers not having a CD-ROM drive and iso files becoming larger and larger, we are often required to use a USB stick that is bootable. To create a bootable USB stick, do the following:

1. Grab any size USB key (even 1GB will do, the image is only 300MB or so)

2. Enter a Command Prompt

3. Run diskpart (It will prompt you for Administrative privileges. Please confirm or login to confirm

DISKPART> list disk (You will see a list of drives, the last one is usually the one you want)

DISKPART> select disk 2 (or what disk you identified in step 4)


DISKPART> create partition primary

DISKPART> select partition 1

DISKPART> Format fs=ntfs quick



4. Copy the contents of your iso file to the USB stick.

5. Voila, you are done and ready to start deploying your operating system.