Join IBM Platform Engineering Services for an exciting webinar with Denvr Dataworks: Journey from Startup to High-Performance Cloud Platform.

High-intensity AI workloads with substantial computing power are becoming mainstays for business automation. As more organizations move their data and applications to the cloud, the need for efficient cloud platforms optimized for AI workloads has grown. Denvr Dataworks is a purpose-built, vertically integrated AI Cloud Platform optimized for AI workloads. The company is uniquely positioned as clean technology leaders using water-free liquid immersion modular data centers to power cutting edge compute for AI, while also being environmentally sustainable. Denvr integrates seamlessly with DevOps pipelines and APIs in private-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and edge computing settings.

IBM Platform Engineering Services partners with Denvr Dataworks to bring you an engaging discussion on high-performance cloud computing.

The webinar topics include:

  1. The fast rise of Denvr Dataworks to a trusted AI cloud platform.
  2. Denvr Dataworks was still in beta, yet formed the partnership with IBM Platform Engineering Services as they just stood out.
  3. Even with high-performance cloud services designed for complex AI/ML, deep learning, GPU-accelerated data science, and related applications, the deployment is relatively quick.

This is a solid webinar for business leaders who are looking to improve their organization’s cloud offerings. IBM Platform Engineering Services and Denvr Dataworks, together, make it easy for businesses to build and deploy secure applications.

We hope to see you there!