by Taos

In a recent report on cloud computing, it was shocking to learn that 46% of Azure customers don’t take advantage of bundled discounts and at least 30% of cloud spend is wasted (1)

What’s up with that? A lot.

Digital transformation is racing ahead of many organizations’ ability to forecast budgets and measure how effectively their organizations are using resources. One of the fastest growing segments of business investment is cloud spend. It is also one of the most problematic to quantify and optimize.

Projected increases of 39% in 2022, topped by the realizations that budgets are averaging 24% over projections, make cost optimization a preeminent concern of procurement leadership.(2)

It’s a bit like laying down track while on a moving train.

Where to?

Moving to the cloud quickly is essential for business agility but it must deliver tangible value. It might be worth stepping back a bit and think about how things areworking for you now.

  • Is the billing for your Microsoft Azure services and Microsoft 365 products consolidated to provide you a clear view of actual cloud spend and sufficient data to forecast or optimize licensing costs?
  • If you were to audit licensing compliance today, would the organization be able to easily gather information and be prepared to answer usage questions?
  • Is IT able to put sufficient resources towards strategic business objectives or are they consumed with unexpected maintenance and user support calls?
  • Can your Azure cloud service provider respond quickly to resolve issues when IT needs help?

If you answered “no” or “maybe” to any of the above questions, you are in good company.

A world-wide survey of 750 organizations reveals they are challenged with controlling. software assets, increasing the effectiveness of in-house technical experts, and managing vendor relationships to provision and sustain growth.

  • Understanding the cost implications of software licensing is the number one issue cited by both North American [55%] and European [57%] organizations.
  • Between 78-76% of organizations identified lack of resources or expertise as a challenge supporting the growing number of workloads in their environments.
  • 74% of enterprises use or plan to use manage service providers to support their multi-cloud environments. (3)

It’s a wild ride

As a modern procurement professional, we know you are continuously working to find balance. What is the right level of cloud investment now versus later? How important is business continuity versus speed of delivery? And so on…

Of course, you also keep worrying about controlling expenses and reducing waste in the organization because spending money on the wrong thing, like unmanaged compute costs, impedes progress towards business goals.

It takes everything you have just to keep up with the changes.

Gain control

Taos’ expertise as a Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution Provider and 20+ years of experience supporting Microsoft solutions can help you gain control of cloud spend and reduce business risk.

We strive to be your trusted partner. We have a great track record and offer a

unique experience.

To learn more about how we can help you effectively manage your Microsoft cloud costs, gain deep insight into cloud utilization, reduce internal IT support loads, and achieve better managed services support (SLA driven) and pricing for Azure subscriptions and Microsoft 365 licenses,  please visit  

(1, 2, 3) Flexera 2021 State of the Cloud Report