Professional Support that Unlocks the Full Benefits of Google Cloud

The Cloud is Here But Not Fully Utilized 

Last year witnessed an accelerated adoption of cloud in all economic sectors as organizations scrambled to support remote workers and distance learning. About 88% of enterprises now use the cloud and most of them expect to grow their usage over the next year. (1) But despite the high rate of adoption, workload migration is a different story. Only 45% of enterprises plan to migrate 75% or more of their apps to the cloud in one year, and 55% of companies plan to move less than 50% of their apps.2 So, why the higher adoption but much lower workload deployment? 

Challenges of Enterprise Workloads 

Businesses in most sectors of the economy use monolithic applications running on legacy infrastructure. Migrating or modernizing such applications require technical skills to turn apps into cloud compatible ones. It also requires management support and financial resources.

  • Shortage of cloud technical skills. IT professionals are used to upgrading their skills to adapt to keep up with new technologies. The demand for cloud skills outstrips supply, making it harder for most businesses to staff their teams. 
  • New emerging cloud skills. As remote work burst onto the scene accompanied with low supply of PCs, companies added thousands of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions. The new VMs require protection, better IT visibility, and enhanced management tools. The new skills required to manage all of this are also in short supply. 
  • Lack of cloud-native developers. The main advantage of cloud adoption is the ability to modernize IT and apps. Adopting a DevOps culture is a hard sell to siloed teams and senior management. Faster time to release containerizing apps and run them on Kubernetes remains out of reach for many enterprises. 
  • Absence of large projects and process management. Migrating enterprise applications is not for the faint of heart, as the process can be difficult. It is advantageous for customers to partner with an experienced provider that can access projects, propose solutions, execute the transformation, and manage the cloud footprint. 

Google Cloud from Taos 

Leave your worries behind and let Taos turn cloud burdens into business advantages. Embrace digital transformation and leverage all that Google Cloud offers while reducing your costs. Taos is a Premier Managed Service Partner with Google Cloud and has a distinguished cadre of technical cloud experts who can work with you every step of the way.

  • Proactive Google Cloud support. Taos provides 24/7 proactive support for Google Cloud, covering your entire environment. 
  • Cloud consumption management. Taos will manage your billing, monitor consumption, and help with planning and expense optimization. 
  • Includes Google Cloud Premier Support. With GC Premier Support, you get a 15-minute response for priority one (P1) cases and 24/7 support for critical impact issues. 
  • Lower costs. Shift IT investments to lower budget-friendly operating expenses and optimize costs with granular monitoring and analysis. 

Supercharge Your Business with Taos 

As your partner, Taos will take on the hard work and free your IT teams to focus on business innovations. In addition to developing the skills of your IT teams with training and technical workshops, Taos will keep an eye on your cloud consumption and billing. You’ll receive monthly reviews with recommendations for improvement areas based on expert analysis and insight into your cloud environment. 

Working with Taos means that you have one hand to shake, proactive support around the clock, management of cloud operations, and future growth opportunities with available value-add services.

Next steps 

Dealing with all aspects of cloud deployment, operations and support may be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. Taos is here to help support you with Google Cloud. Check out our available workshops and additional services today! 

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