Recently, the Taos team hosted a webinar with Gryphon, one of our satisfied customers, highlighting how Taos managed services accelerated their migration to the GCP and significantly improved their telephony services.

To begin the webinar, Gryphon detailed their history and offerings. For over two decades, Gryphon has enabled clients of their telephony network to capture, record, coach, and analyze all aspects of phone conversations. Gryphon offers AI-powered advice during live calls and provides post-call feedback and performance analytics. Gryphon helps sales teams accelerate deal cycles and customer success teams mitigate the risk of churn, reduce call queue times, and deliver exceptional customer experience.

As the only provider in the space that owns and operates a Tier-1 carrier grade network, the Gryphon team emphasized how the quality and reliability of their network are paramount to their success as a business. For years Gryphon had managed its own on-premises network infrastructure, which tied up a lot of its internal IT resources. Eager to free up their IT staff to focus on developing features to improve the network, Gryphon switched to a cloud-based infrastructure offered by a managed service provider. However, after the switch, the Gryphon team started to experience network quality issues, including severe delays in network response times.

To avoid further impact, the Gryphon team immediately started evaluating new IT infrastructure providers and were quickly impressed by the telephony expertise and track record offered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Gryphon shared how their enthusiasm with GCP inspired them to accelerate their cloud migration to just six weeks. Due to Gryphon’s complex infrastructure, GCP encourage the Gryphon team to engage Taos to ensure they could meet their tight migration deadline.

Wasting no time, the team of migration experts from Taos hosted an intense three-day workshop at Gryphon’s Boston headquarters to level up the Gryphon IT team’s GCP knowledge base and showcase the steps necessary to successfully migrate their current cloud infrastructure to GCP. The close collaboration between Taos and Gryphon was instrumental in executing the accelerated migration timeline as the teams lifted and shifted the infrastructure without outages or service interruptions.

Taos’ customized managed services offering for GCP has dramatically improved the telephony stability of Gryphon’s network. The GCP infrastructure that Taos manages for Gryphon has practically eliminated degradations in call connections, boosting customer satisfaction and removing employee frustration. 

Moving forward, Gryphon plans to continue to work with the Taos managed services team to diversify their outbound enablement solutions, optimize their internal customer experience team’s user experience, and expand the capabilities of their DevOps function.

As detailed during a live demo, the benefits of Taos’ managed services for hybrid cloud provided Gryphon with:

  • Exceptional support with 24×7 access to a team of technical experts trained in remediation and corrective action
  • Complete visibility with an advanced monitoring program for every asset under management
  • Robust security with regular patching to protect GCP infrastructure and systems

Taos managed services enable the internal Gryphon IT team to focus their efforts on improving their product offerings by building new services, integrations, and capabilities on top of their telephony platform.

Watch the exciting webinar to hear and see a live demo about how of Taos managed services enables Gryphon’s cloud journey toward telephony excellence and to in action.