IBM already has more than 17,000 AWS-certified cloud practitioners, 16 validated service delivery programs, and more than 2,000 AWS certifications to demonstrate our ability to develop cloud-native apps in the AWS Cloud environment.

However, we didn’t stop at this incredible milestone. The IBM Platform Engineering Services team is thrilled to share with you that, as of April 6, 2023, we are among an elite group of only three companies globally to have earned additional competency in all five AWS Cloud certification categories:

Cloud Financial Management: IBM’s Platform Engineering Cloud Cost Optimization Advisory Services examine cloud deployment, processes, organization, and governance models to identify areas of improvement and cost savings for your cloud environment.

Monitoring and Observability: IBM’s Platform Engineering Services teams perform against strict SLAs and SLOs and, with automation, will evolve cloud operational maturity to improve ROI, security, reliability, availability, and efficiency.

Cloud Operations: IBM’s Platform Engineering Services help you free your developers to focus on delivering cutting-edge applications by shifting to a platform approach, where your infrastructure, APIs, and delivery orchestrations are all automated and powered by code.

Cloud Governance: IBM’s Platform Engineering Services can help ensure adaptive operations, robust security, and adherence to industry standards by employing automated tools and extensive knowledge to evaluate, assess, and measure the security posture and maturity level of your cloud infrastructure against the five functional areas outlined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Compliance and Auditing: This competency demonstrates the partner’s ability to help you safeguard sensitive data and maintain regulatory compliance with a robust system for monitoring, reporting, and auditing cloud activities. IBM’s Platform Engineering Services will help you better understand and measure your progress against regulatory standards, providing remediation guidance and support to help you maintain or quickly re-establish compliance.

The future of AWS Cloud is accelerated by IBM Platform Engineering Services

IBM is thrilled with this achievement, recognizing our continuing investments to strengthen AWS competencies, such as through our acquisition of Taos, innovations at IBM Research, and the co-development of solutions with AWS.

IBM’s expertise in security, enterprise scalability, open innovation with Red Hat OpenShift, and our comprehensive knowledge and experience in cloud operations makes the IBM Platform Engineering Services group the ideal partner of choice for organizations looking to quickly grow and protect their business on AWS Cloud. We can help you build a robust, scalable, and cost-effective foundation for your end-to-end cloud infrastructure for many years to come.

IBM has a long history of working with AWS customers. As one example, in this recent blog post, we shared some successes from a platform engineering advisory program we delivered at Acoustic for cloud cost optimization: in less than one month, IBM optimized the use of AWS spot and reserved instances resulting in $1 million in annual savings.

IBM Platform Engineering Services can help free up developers to focus on delivering cutting-edge applications on the AWS Cloud. As always, Taos is proud to be part of the growing global AWS cloud community, and we remain committed to innovating a future full of growth, security, and service.

Learn more about IBM’s Platform Engineering Services for AWS practice here.