Digital transformation has been vital for state and local governments to serve their citizens, especially over the last two years. Modernization can also enable greater efficiency, easier hiring, and improved flexibility.

Citizen experience is the key focus behind modernization efforts. More agencies are eschewing in-person requests and paper forms for digital, creating citizen experiences that are more like consumer ones. The desire to create a better online experience for citizens was by far the biggest driver for expanding digital services, according to the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) 2021 State CIO Survey. (1) 

NASCIO also found that state CIOs believe low-code/no-code will be the top emerging technology in the next 3-5 years. This is a vast shift from legacy coding languages and will allow agencies to deliver new solutions rapidly. It also opens development up to non-coders, meaning more people can contribute to the creation of new solutions.

Many government agencies currently have a wealth of data they cannot use. It’s stored in multiple, incompatible systems, making analysis impractical. But moving that history to a modern platform means the ever-increasing volumes of data generated by staff and citizens can be analyzed by artificial intelligence tools or used to train machine learning, enabling new insights and capabilities.

Finally, state and local governments are embracing the cloud to move quickly when needed. 92% of state and local government IT decision-makers have new cloud investments planned for 2022. (2)  Along with low-code/no-code, cloud platforms allow them to not just create new solutions but scale them rapidly, giving them the speed and flexibility to adapt to changing conditions.

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