By Hamilton Yu – Taos Chief Executive Officer

It always astounds me to think of the amazing women who’ve contributed to tech in one form or another. Just a couple examples that jump to mind include Jean Sammet, the first women to get a Ph.D. in computer science in 1968, or Radia Perlman, also known as the “mother of the Internet.” 

This also includes the women who make up our team and those with our clients, our vendors, and our partners (and yes, even our competitors), who all deserve the highest praise, gratitude, and respect. We celebrate women entrepreneurs who forge new paths through the industry and invent new technologies or software solutions. We celebrate the female executives who guide enterprises big and small alike through these turbulent times. We celebrate the women workers at every level of organizational scope who bring their unique talents and perspectives to every endeavor imaginable

I want to acknowledge all these women and many more. And remember that this month is not only a time to honor the achievements of women throughout our history but also to refocus us on how we can continue to secure their equal footing in the future. 

For our efforts at Taos, we seek to enable equality and empowerment with inclusive policies and by prioritizing diversity. We challenge stereotypes on all levels and continue to push for actionable change. 

Let’s continue working together to make that a reality.