Evolve Your Ability to Run in the Cloud

Taking the Next Steps with DevOps 

As we clarified in a previous post, adopting a DevOps culture unleashes the huge potential of developers and IT professionals to quickly develop and deploy apps that enhance business responsiveness and resilience. This is best achieved in partnership with an expert in DevOps process because with the right guidance, you can better ensure your business invests its time and resources wisely throughout the digital transformation journey. 

Where DevOps can take you 

DevOps success will bring significant positive changes to your IT operations, development teams, and entire enterprise, including: 

  • Increased operational efficiencies 
  • Reduce the number of organizational silos with enhanced cross-team collaboration 
  • Gradually and incrementally make changes that support the overall DevOps strategy 
  • Use well-defined, measurable, and streamlined processes for continuous app development 
  • Faster time to market 
  • Create agile environments that foster innovation and rapid iterations of apps 
  • Build a culture where failure is accepted and expected in order to foster innovation 
  • Automate processes for testing and release cycles with modern tools 
  • Reduced security and compliance risks 
  • Adopt a security posture that defines security and regulatory compliance requirements 
  • Define security guidelines and needs upfront, preferably using DevSecOps 
  • Identify, enforce, and monitor continuous regulatory compliance 
  • Improved product quality, reliability, and performance 
  • Adopt continuous monitoring, tracking, and reporting mechanisms 
  • Automate development and product release process steps and deployments 
  • Implement a continual process feedback loop 
  • Greater customer satisfaction 
  • About 84% of companies report a rise in revenue after improving customer satisfaction1, so this is an essential ingredient of business success 
  • Higher ROI 
  • Automated processes combined with early detection and fixing of potential problems leads to significant and ongoing operational and financial savings 
  • The close collaboration of IT and development teams results in time efficiencies and better product quality 
  • Investments in modern tools and training quickly deliver faster time to market and continuous delivery of apps that boost revenue and improve customer satisfaction 

Achieve new heights of success with Taos DevOps Solutions 

Taos DevOps Services help customers achieve their transformation goals. We use foundational frameworks and methodologies that unify developer and IT infrastructure teams, accelerate modernization, and leverage high automation for efficiency and cost reduction. 

  • DevOps Services: Taos is a one-stop source for DevOps. We can assess your environment, work with your IT teams to develop a forward-looking plan, and help you successfully implement it. 
  • Digital optimization managed services: DevOps Now delivers 24/7/365 digital operations and customer support. Taos creates the DevOps environment as a service, then partners with on-site customer teams for ongoing delivery. 
  • Digital transformation professional services: DevOps Modernization offers infrastructure and data modernization, data center migration, and cloud security enablement. 

Taos DevOps Modernization professional services help customers modernize their DevOps capabilities for the full software development lifecycle (SDLC) and accelerate the adoption of DevOps culture and the cloud. 

  • Assess and discover the state of the enterprise architecture and SDLC processes, and develop a set of recommendations based on best practices 
  • Plan and design based on approved recommendations to support business objectives 
  • Build and integrate the tools and CI/CD processes through a POC and “fail fast” methodology 
  • Deploy and operationalize a modernized DevOps framework 

Gain business traction with Taos DevOps solutions 

  • Improve business agility. Monolithic applications are rigid, slow, and costly to maintain and update. Adopting a modern DevOps culture enables businesses to use updated tools and agile processes to quickly develop, release, and update applications that lower costs and enhance competitiveness. 
  • Application modernization. Legacy monolithic applications and their supporting processes are not compatible with modern technologies such as microservices and cloud-native tools. They also do not support future business needs. By embracing a DevOps culture, companies can transform most of the old apps with containerized microservices that benefit from more efficient modern CI/CD tools and processes. 
  • Agile transformation. Adopting DevOps introduces automation and agility into the entire app development, release, and update processes. It also accelerates time to market, improving return on investment and user experience. 
  • Containerization and microservices. Containers are the place where microservices live in agile and modern cloud environments in highly available Kubernetes clusters. With Kubernetes and microservices, organizations gain resiliency and app portability that contribute to freedom from potential vendor lock-in. Microservices are independent, but they work closely together to deliver the full functionality of applications. 

Discover how your digital transformation journey can be accelerated with an experienced DevOps partner at your side. Taos is here to help. Contact Taos today to start modernizing your IT and apps. 

Learn more about Taos DevOps solutions and services at https://www.taos.com/devops
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(1) Business 2 Community, December 2020. “3 Ways DevOps Boosts Customer Satisfaction.”