A platform engineering program employs a platform team responsible for providing reusable services, components, and tools for streamlined and sustainable application delivery and maintenance.

This post provides a look into some terms commonly used within the field. Reviewing them will provide a better understanding of how implementing a platform engineering program can fit into and benefit your organization.


Platform engineering is the process of designing a fiscally viable and long-term resilient infrastructure in support of the ongoing development and deployment of software applications.


Platform engineering is critical in ensuring that applications and services can run smoothly, effectively, and securely on top of the underlying infrastructure.


Platform engineering encompasses the entire lifecycle of the platform and infrastructure: from idea to design, development to deployment, and maintenance to retirement.


Platform engineering extends beyond the traditional technical considerations to include the management of the people and processes involved in building and maintaining the platform.


Platform engineering supports the development team and their workflows by delivering the underlying hardware and software infrastructure that is easily operated and monitored and integrates with the development tools, frameworks, and processes used to create and maintain the platform.


Platform engineering is critical in ensuring a stable, scalable, and secure infrastructure on which software developers can build and deploy their applications in a sustainable manner.


Platform engineering provides infrastructure capabilities such as load balancing, horizontal scaling, and caching, each of which supports the successful handling of increasing amounts of traffic and data without developers and end-user experiencing performance degradation at any point in the delivery of and engagement with the applications.


Platform engineering also supports the growing need for protecting the systems and data from cyber threats such as hacking, data breaches, and other malicious activities otherwise exposed to the infrastructure and applications. This includes protection measures such as encryption, authentication, and access control to ensure the platform and its users are safe from potential threats.

Technology has democratized many business models and enabled companies across numerous industry sectors to compete on a relatively level playing field. A platform engineering program can help accelerate your digital transformation and increase business value by delivering scalable, efficient, and secure applications.

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