With the introduction of TEFCA (1), healthcare organizations large and small from across the U.S. will not only have to prepare to share the data they’ve been entrusted with but also ensure that their health information network is secure, scalable, and resilient as they open it up, connect it, and expose it to outside entities. The entities are many, including the national exchange, regional exchanges, and even competing providers, payers, and other health agencies operating directly within or adjacently to the same space. 

The answer to these challenges and headaches will sit inside additional digital transformation projects hitting the IT desks, each introducing functional requirements for new operating environments being developed and for more migrations from legacy on-premises systems to high-performing public and hybrid cloud infrastructures running modern applications. 

The healthcare renaissance continues, and it will be fed by data and driven by the cloud. Scaling to meet demand was not easy to begin with and, while the common agreement and framework may outline a decent plan of attack, TEFCA makes it even more challenging in the near term for many organizations struggling to keep up with the current transformations underway: 

  • National connectivity exposes the information exchanges to cyber risk, creating data privacy and safety concerns 
  • The continued proliferation of disparate systems behind the walls of connectivity makes system and data protection measures and the goal of seamless data sharing more complex
  • Multi-network workflows running on top of regional health information networks are not well suited for the massive data sharing requirements that could arise 

All digital transformation projects, including those introduced because of TEFCA’s passing, require thoughtful strategies and results-driven plans. Taos helps healthcare organizations around the US and globally get ahead of these types of challenges by capitalizing on scalability, enhanced security, and cloud economics. Taos offers Advisory Services, Professional Services, and Managed IT and Security Services to help with your digital transformation projects. 


1 – “ONC Completes Critical 21st Century Cures Act Requirement, Publishes the Trusted Exchange Framework and the Common Agreement for Health Information Networks,” HHS, January 2022