A lot goes into figuring out the best path to the best return on investment. Some organizations look at how to reduce risk, cut costs, and trim overhead. Others will find ways to raise prices, boost productivity, and increase efficiency. Combining both into a two-sided coin of ROI will likely produce the best results. However, creating these ROI coins could be the beginning, not the end.

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “you have to spend money to make money.” While nothing in life or business is absolute, this concept makes sense when starting and growing a business.

Let’s look at the expense side of the ROI coin in cloud and endpoint management. We will examine how Taos Hybrid Cloud Managed Service (HCMS) can assist with your ROI-calculation efforts.

Cut Costs

Tool creep is something many organizations struggle with. Once a tool or subscription has been acquired, it’s easy to forget that it is being paid each year – even when it is no longer used. One easy way to reduce expenses is to trim or eliminate legacy monitoring tools. This can, as a result, lower or eliminate annual support/subscription expenses.

Another means to cut costs is to avoid incidents and outages before they occur. Automation and other configuration and operational improvements focused on reducing the number of Severity 1 and Severity 2 outages and incidents coupled with effective incident handling processes can avoid wasted expenses related to repair and recovery. 

These measures not only reduce cost and waste but also reduce the organization’s financial and reputational risk.

Mitigate Risk

Cyber risk is a reality that can quickly turn from a potential issue to a severe incident in a matter of moments. A prioritized, streamlined patching cadence and automated endpoint security configurations can reduce exposure and risk to attack and compromise.

Taos HCMS improves patching cadence and enhances vulnerability management and regulatory compliance. With Taos HCMS, organizations gain improved endpoint security configurations and control to reduce endpoint risk exposure and the possibility of security configuration exploits.

Reduce Overhead

Benefit from the expertise, tooling, and processes accumulated over the years of supporting multiple clients and pay a fraction of the price for an equivalent in-house team. Taos provides the opportunity to “right-size” your operational team.

With Taos HCMS, it becomes possible to redeploy key client SREs, Cloud Architects, Admins, and Engineers to another client cost center or eliminate that role so those resources can be trimmed or applied elsewhere.

Flip the Coin

Now, let’s attempt to flip the coin to address the revenue side. Chances are, however, this side looks very unfamiliar. You seldom see this side of the coin. Instead, your team remains in constant fire-fighting mode, trying to keep things running on the limited budget you have allocated for your program. At best, you have limited time to look at the expense side of the ROI coin – but only when you’ve been asked to cut back and trim in certain areas. 

What if you could change that? What if you could increase your capacity as a leader, and your team’s capacity as a critical business function, to tackle strategic projects?

With staff trimming and team-focusing options available with Taos HCMS, the workload is diminished, which results in increased capacity for you and your team to tackle strategic projects.

Turn to Innovation

With Taos HCMS, you can begin to re-invest monitoring savings to focus on business innovation through new applications and optimized services that differentiate and grow revenue. Use your time savings to free your team to focus on strategic projects while staying current with the latest technologies.

Increase Your Revenue

Subscribing to HCMS yields savings that you can re-invest in evolving and creating new revenue-generating offers. For example, a company that generates revenue from SaaS offerings would benefit from hiring additional software engineers to build new features that increase the value and, in turn, the subscription price.

Grow Your Business

Taos HCMS offers unified monitoring of your hybrid, multi-cloud, and hyperscaler infrastructure. Our engineering teams perform against strict SLAs and SLOs and, with automation, will evolve your hybrid cloud operational maturity to improve ROI, security, reliability, availability, and efficiency. This allows your team to focus on what matters most, reinvesting the ROI coin results into business-growing ventures.

Use Case

Before subscribing to HCMS, a company had $10M in revenue and employed 15 software engineers. The company’s “software engineer unit economic” is ($10M/15) which equates to $667K.

After subscribing to HCMS, the company saved $500K and hired three additional software engineers.

With time, those additional engineers evolved features and implemented new services that now generate $2.2M in additional annual revenue for the company.

Ready to Re-Invest Your ROI Coin?

If you’re interested in focusing your efforts on saving money and growing the business, we invite you to consider working with us to employ HCMS for the right-sized cloud infrastructure management that supports your brand-differentiating and revenue-generating applications.

Take five minutes to “kick the tires” to see what you could be re-investing into the business. Access the Taos HCMS ROI tool at https://www.taos.com/managed_services/hybrid-cloud-managed-services/