We are proud to have won the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Company of the Year Award in the global Managed Cloud Services industry. Frost & Sullivan’s team dedicates itself to identifying companies that consistently develop growth strategies based on a transformative vision while effectively addressing new challenges and opportunities.

Frost & Sullivan reserves this distinguished award for industry-leading companies that innovate new products, solutions, and services to meet ever-evolving customer needs. The official announcement for the award also noted that a myriad of challenges—such as disruptive technologies, value chain compression, industry convergence, and competitive business models—make Taos’ achievement one of even greater significance.

How does Frost & Sullivan decide on whom to recognize with this award? There are two main categories: “Visionary Innovation & Performance” and “Customer Impact.” A few factors from each of these categories include:

  • Addressing Unmet Needs: Customers’ unmet or under-served needs are unearthed and addressed by a robust solution development process
  • Leadership Focus: Company focuses on building a leadership position in core markets and on creating stiff barriers to entry for new competitors
  • Best Practices Implementation: Best-in-class implementation is characterized by processes, tools, or activities that generate a consistent and repeatable level of success
  • Customer Ownership Experience: Customers proudly own the company’s product or service and have a positive experience throughout the life of the product or service
  • Customer Service Experience: Customer service is accessible, fast, stress-free, and high quality

For further details about Frost & Sullivan’s process, check out the full award announcement here: https://www.taos.com/frost-and-sullivan-2022/ 

Within the managed services sector, Taos has distinguished itself by being agnostic in our services and establishing a broad partner ecosystem that lets us focus on delivering what’s best for every customer. On average, our customers get 30% faster provisioning, 40% cost savings and 40% better resiliency—all of which puts us at an 82+ NPS score—a pretty extraordinary accomplishment within the managed cloud services space. We are also proud to stand as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Azure Gold Partner, and a Google Cloud Premier Managed Services Partner.

Where does Taos go from here? Leaning in on the advancements in platform engineering, we will continue to serve our clients with solutions that span the entire digital transformation lifecycle, offering monitoring and event management, incident management, change management, workload and provisioning services, system administration, and patching and backup monitoring services, among others.