Feb 04, 2021

I am thrilled to share this exciting next step in the Taos journey! We have just finalized an agreement to be acquired by IBM.

With IBM Technology added to our portfolio of solutions, we will continue to solve our clients’ most complex hybrid cloud and multi-cloud architectural challenges. As we continue to grow the Taos business in the coming months, we now can also leverage the power of IBM in a whole host of ways.

This is the start of yet another exciting chapter in the 31-year journey that is Taos! Since our founding, we’ve accomplished so much, including being established as one of the strongest multi-cloud consulting and managed services firms in the world. Now we have an even greater opportunity to deliver value and guide clients in achieving their cloud visions.

It’s a validating milestone to be acquired by such a powerhouse like IBM, and we bring a lot to the table that I am proud of. Our team achieved over 300 certifications with leading public clouds to serve clients throughout North America. This opportunity to join forces with IBM will accelerate our global delivery capabilities while Taos will enhance the capabilities offered by IBM across its Advise, Move, Build and Manage offerings. A win-win for everyone, including our clients.

We’ve forged strong partnerships to deliver industry-leading data center migration, platform engineering, and hybrid cloud managed services. Working with IBM’s Global Business Services will allow us to continue to strengthen those partnerships and provide thought leadership, and pioneer operational best practices—on a new, global scale.

Our laser-like focus to help clients migrate to the cloud, modernize multi-cloud platforms, and manage hybrid cloud environments aligns naturally with IBM’s commitment to enabling an open hybrid cloud journey, and I’m excited for Taos to become part of this journey as well.

I look forward to an exciting year of growth in our ability to deliver the best cloud experience possible for our clients.

Hamilton Yu
Chief Executive Officer