As a two-time Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award winner in Global Managed Cloud Services, Taos, an IBM Company, constructs and maintains a resilient and scalable superhighway for streamlined product and service delivery, faster deployments, improved developer efficiencies, enriched customer experience, and competitive business outcomes.

For the second consecutive year, Taos has been named Frost & Sullivan’s Company of the Year in the Global Managed Cloud Services Market. In 2022, Taos continued on its impressive growth trajectory and bolstered its reputation as the go-to cloud services provider for some of the world’s most technologically sophisticated companies and brands, many of them born-in-the-cloud. With the help of its broad partner ecosystem, Taos maintains its competitive edge by being vendor and technology agnostic in its services. Taos is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, an Azure Gold Partner, and a Google Cloud Premier Managed Services Partner.

Driven by the company’s talented team and reinforced by its leadership, Taos’ focus on emerging technology enables it to be among the highest value providers in the market and the one customers turn to in times of crisis. For instance, when a media company suffered a complex cyberattack, they turned to Taos to rebuild its environment with greater security. Taos upgraded and migrated workloads to the best cloud environments and optimized workflow procedures to reduce triage time. In another instance, a large financial institution leveraged Taos to achieve >1.5 million per year in cost savings, 40% improvement in developer productivity and 95% reduction in deployment times. Not surprisingly, Taos routinely garners above-industry average NPS scores of 82. The company reports that its customers, on average, achieve 30% faster provisioning, 40% cost savings, and 40% better resiliency.

Taos’ service offerings span the entire digital transformation lifecycle. Given the uncertain economic climate of today, enterprises are increasingly re-evaluating IT costs, re-examining ROI. To derive optimal value from technology investments, a platform engineering approach that leverages data and automation to improve efficiencies across development, deployment, management and maintenance is essential. Taos’ platform engineering approach helps companies streamline time to market and accelerate delivery of new apps and enhancements.

Taos has been at the forefront of the platform engineering revolution, providing cutting-edge consulting and proven best practices managed services to thousands of customers across cloud platform modernization, DevOps, DevSecOps, FinOps, DataOps, and AIOps. For its enterprise customers, Taos provides resilient and scalable infrastructure, which streamlines application development and deployment. This drives improvements in engineering efficiencies, developer experience and user experience.

Additionally, clients value Taos’ noteworthy FinOps service offering amid fears of a looming recession. The company’s Cloud Cost Optimization Advisory (CCOA) practice has quickly become the fastest growing portion of its business, growing at well over 150% in 2022.

In 2020, Taos was acquired by IBM as part of the company’s strategic shift to the hybrid cloud. Today, Taos forms the backbone of the of IBM’s Platform Engineering Services group and will drive the future of its managed services business globally.