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Best Practices Build Your Cloud  

Whether you are working diligently to modernize applications and reduce dependencies on legacy infrastructure or focused on new development, your organization faces similar challenges using containers and managing multi-cloud environments. Because these cloud-native technologies are also evolving rapidly, the lack of internal resources with expertise affects up to 75% of organizations surveyed. (1)  

Cloud adoption and application modernization initiatives are driving organizational change. 77% of enterprises have established either central cloud teams or centers of excellence to leverage internal expertise, manage operations, support migrations, and optimize costs. (2) As a trend, this is highly encouraging, as it will continue to drive innovation and open career paths for software professionals. 

Easier Said Than Done 

Cloud-centric teams have their work cut out for them. In addition to staying current with new technologies and tools, they need to understand app dependencies, assess whether app modernization is technically feasible, and determine the best place to host the service. Therefore, they are typically chartered to define and maintain policies for security (81%), managing cloud spend (79%), and governance (75%). (3)  

However, these teams quickly find that homegrown solutions may have unintended consequences, such as being locked into technologies with no clear path for cross-platform portability, burdened with unexpected IT overhead, and ballooning cloud spend.(4)  

By reducing the cloud team’s need to piece things together or deploy updates in an ad-hoc fashion, organizations can spend more resource on business goals. Therefore, it is wise to choose a platform which can meet your business challenges, increase your agility, and provide operational consistency. 

Overcoming Obstacles 

To mitigate risks and address the challenges identified, the dedicated Anthos Lab in the Taos Center of Innovation has developed a framework and implementation blueprint that takes full advantage of Google Cloud Anthos to accelerate cloud and application migration initiatives. 

Anthos allows companies to run applications unmodified anywhere, whether it is done on-premises, at the edge, or in any cloud using containers. When the suite is fully deployed, it establishes a central point for securing, monitoring, and managing workloads across multiple cloud platforms. Deploying Anthos has clear benefits: 

Anthos ROI (5) * 

Rapid Development Simplified
Improved Security
Posture and Ops  
Operational Efficiency
Time spent on non-coding reduced by up to 38% and on patching and release efforts reduced by up to 97.5%  When managing clouds from one pane, realized return on investment (ROI) up to 484% Policy deployment time reduced by up to 96% and security tasks productivity improved by up to 75%  Time to migrate apps cut by up to 75% and platform operations efficiency improved by up to 55%  

 *Based three year projections 

Best Results With Expert Implementation 

Anthos is not a turn-key solution and needs experienced hands executing the design and deployment for your unique environment. Taos Services for Google Cloud Anthos Adoption are designed to guide your team through a series of prescriptive steps that will help them automate processes and establish best practices quickly. As your team collaborates with our experts throughout the standard Anthos adoption process, you will be supported through four project phases: 

  • Discovery and Assessment – characterize your application landscape 
  • Planning and Design – create your Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) architecture based on Anthos best practices 
  • Anthos Deployment – configure the unified toolset, establish baseline metrics, and complete a handoff to operations staff 
  • App Migration – transform target VMs into GKE end-state environments. 

Standard adoption projects often take only 10-12 weeks, because we manage the project and can anticipate the pitfalls you are likely to encounter. 

Next Steps 

Dealing with the complexity and challenges of application modernization and managing multi-cloud environments can be daunting without a clear understanding of where to focus your limited resources to obtain optimized results. Reach out to Taos Services for Google Cloud Anthos Adoption and start your accelerating your business today! 

(1)(2)(3) Flexera, 2021 State of the Cloud Report 

(4)(5) Forester, New Technology Projection: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Anthos, 2019