The education sector is straddled with many challenges as K-12 school districts and higher education institutions attempt to hit the moving target of teaching through the pandemic. During this time, keeping the education system alive has been the top priority. As a result, investments in digital innovation have taken a back seat—unless they directly support online coursework or remote learning initiatives.

But this approach is now changing as digital innovations in how teachers reach and connect with students will continue well into 2022. These include advanced programs such as personalized learning, gamification, (1) assistive technology, augmented and virtual reality, and voice platforms. (2)  Some educators are also applying AI-enabled automatic grading and even blockchain-stored student records. (3)

These advancements should bring new opportunities for improved teaching and enhanced learning. Forward-thinking, streamlined operations will improve the overall educational experience, including for those working in the back office at the school or throughout the district.

It’s essential, however, to remember that technology isn’t magic; it doesn’t just get dropped onto existing infrastructure and automatically show up in classrooms. Advanced technologies don’t just start working for everyone in every way possible, all on their own. Programs need to be developed, deployed, configured, and managed so that teachers and students can use them without causing more headaches than value.

A resilient, scalable infrastructure must be in place for many innovations to function correctly. More specifically… high-speed, always-on Internet access, and robust, scalable cloud computing must be ubiquitous.

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