by Taos

Your customers demand predictable outcomes and expect to have quiet confidence in the companies handling their money and investments in the financial services industry. They want online banking with stable operations, no news of security breaches, and no constant worries about compliance or secure account access. 

They want it to just work. 

DevOps can give the ability to create smooth and reliable systems to financial service providers, even with the increasing disruption the industry is facing because of evolving technology and customer demand. 

Taking the DevOps Journey for Finance 

Whether in consumer banking, mortgage banking, wealth management, corporate finance, asset management, investment banking, or any other aspect of financial services, DevOps is a straight and sure path through a turbulent industry landscape. 

A well-designed DevOps culture within your organization fosters a collaborative process to streamline the development of higher quality products through a continuous feedback loop. Process automation, frequent testing and updates, and modern architectures result in: 

  • Accelerated time to market 
  • A streamlined modernization journey 
  • Peace of mind through security and compliance 

Following the Successful Path to DevOps Implementation 

Cloud-centric DevOps focuses on cloud-native and automation-first principles, CI/CD pipelines, configuration management, containerization and Kubernetes adoption. These are essential elements of making DevOps an integral part of your company, but comprehensive DevOps relies on other strategic areas for sustainable success. This approach includes DevOps partnered services, designed to help financial organizations remove roadblocks to embracing a holistic approach to DevOps, which can accelerate their ability to: 

  • Deploy innovative services for online banking, mobile banking, and digital payments 
  • Respond faster to changing digital customer demands 
  • Empower employees with tools, data, and insights to better serve financial clients 
  • Embed compliance and security controls into development processes 
  • Increase IT agility and overall productivity of tech teams 
  • Improve partner experience and create new revenue opportunities 
  • Build on intelligent core platforms for ecosystem efficiencies 

Choosing the Proper FinServ DevOps Toolchain 

While DevOps is not just about tools, they’re core to your DevOps strategy. You can either create your own ad hoc set of tools to try and regulate your cloud-based financial environment, or you can partner with a company that has developed a FinServ DevOps Toolchain, providing integrated DevOps tools and technologies best suited for the industry. The latter approach can eliminate much of the guesswork in choosing your tools and can free you to: 

  • Help developers to focus on building their apps instead of worrying about CI/CD boilerplates 
  • Maximize value delivery while maintaining security and compliance 
  • Increase agility so you can stay competitive with new technology and capabilities 
  • Empower dev teams to own and modify the deployment systems that work for them 

Discover the DevOps Difference with Taos 

Taos has a differentiated ability to support clients on their cloud journey: 30+ years of history at the forefront of emerging technologies has helped develop a unique understanding that enables clients to see benefits across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Taos is skilled at collaborating with clients to identify business objectives and then developing secure and compliant cloud architectures that meet the financial industry’s business needs while ensuring customer data security. 

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