’s flagship product, Gryphon ONE, is a sales acceleration telephony platform that increases their customers’ sales efficiency and improves their revenue. Operating for over 20 years, Gryphon had long managed its own on-premises infrastructure, which took some of their technical staff’s focus away from working on feature development and performance improvement. Hoping to reduce their staff’s IT maintenance burden, Gryphon switched to a cloud-based infrastructure from a managed service provider.

However, immediately after this switch, the near entirety of Gryphon’s staff experienced increased friction when executing routine tasks. Periodically the network’s performance would diminish, with some response times clocking in at 40 milliseconds. Also, the Gryphon team lacked network monitoring capabilities and reporting. Highly disappointed with these limitations, Gryphon started evaluating other IT infrastructure providers with a laser focus on telephony performance and capabilities. 

Gryphon was highly impressed by the tremendous telephony experience Google Cloud Platform (GCP) could deliver and thus selected GCP to provide the backbone of their IT infrastructure. Desiring to improve their network as soon as possible and hoping to sever the contract with their service provider before an upcoming payment deadline, Gryphon accelerated their migration timeline to just six weeks the moment they chose GCP. Due to Gryphon’s complex infrastructure that included web services, telephony, an FTP site, and more, GCP encouraged Gryphon to engage Taos to meet their tight deadline. 

Powered by knowledge and teamwork

Immediately, Taos’ team of IT migration experts flew out to Gryphon’s headquarters in Boston, MA, and facilitated an intense three-day workshop that outlined all the moving parts and dependencies that had to work in concert for the migration to succeed. The workshop covered GCP fundamentals, migration strategies, and hands-on design and engineering exercises. The Taos and Gryphon teams developed foundational camaraderie throughout the workshop, camaraderie that would pay huge dividends as the project progressed.

“Armed with GCP knowledge and migration direction from the workshop, Gryphon’s engineering team worked hand-in-hand with Taos’ migration engineers to set the stage for moving the totality of Gryphon ONE’s IT infrastructure over to GCP. During a three-hour window on the last Sunday before the deadline, the combined teams successfully lifted and shifted the infrastructure with no outages or service interruptions.

Performance improvements and satisfied customers

Using Taos’ customized managed services offering for GCP, Gryphon instantly and continuously has experienced marked improvements in Gryphon ONE’s stability. These performance and quality enhancements have improved both employee and customer experiences and increased satisfaction. Degradations in call connections were practically eliminated, as telephony transaction response times dropped down to 4 milliseconds, a 10x improvement. 

Now the Gryphon IT team self-manages ticketing and provisioning and is no longer constrained by the rigorous maintenance demands of on-premises infrastructure. With ample time and resources freed up and leveraging the insights gleaned from the detailed network performance reports GCP generates, Gryphon’s IT team now primarily focuses on further improving the platform and providing stellar customer service. In an ever-evolving industry, the GCP infrastructure Taos implemented and continues to manage enables Gryphon to scale by building new services, integrations, and capabilities on top of their foundational telephony services.

Today Gryphon delivers the only end-to-end sales acceleration platform that includes a carrier-grade network infused with both artificial and business intelligence. From experiencing an underperforming network to now operating terrific telephony, Taos’s GCP managed services help Gryphon deliver a state-of-the-art sales acceleration platform.


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