A Cloud-Based Foundation for Powerful Data Management


The customer had a goal to create a stable enterprise-class platform on which they could gain data insights needed to offer new solutions to their operating companies and establish themselves as an industry thought leader. Having significant experience across multiple cloud platforms, the customer chose Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and sought guidance on how to focus their data in the most effective and streamlined manner possible. Taos worked alongside the customer’s team to help consolidate their data into a new GCP-based data lake infrastructure and deployed new workflow pipelines architected and built with a focus on data security. “Data will drive the world. Analytics will drive what our future looks like and you need data to do that.” “[Taos] gave us the tough love when we needed it. When we were going the wrong way, [Taos] guided us back to what was right.” Head of Digital Strategy and Innovation


Founding New Workflows in GCP
With the customer’s expansive operations, some of its business centers worked off different cloud platforms, including Google, Azure and AWS. Others also incorporated on-prem data storage. Their attempts to aggregate their data into a singular infrastructure kept bumping up against significant resource allocation challenges. Taos stepped in with our extensive GCP expertise to design and implement a centralized data and analytics platform with application pipelines supported by machine learning.

Establishing Disaster Recovery Solutions
The organization had to juggle a complex array of data input channels, which included every single endpoint device across its global workforce. This could mean internal systems reports, remote worker logs, manufacturing plant networks and any IoT devices such as machinery or even weather stations. Preserving this massive data influx meant establishing strict data protection and disaster recovery protocols, which were already built-in with GCP

Empowering the IT Staff
Throughout the process, Taos wanted to ensure that the customer own teams were given all the insights, strategies and tools necessary to continue managing the new operations. Taos held ongoing workshops, boot camps and conference calls alongside documenting every element of the new infrastructure in order to hand over the system to the company’s IT managers so they could continue to build on the positive results.

Providing Scalable Solutions
To further allow the customer to seamlessly take over its new workflows, Taos built in heavy automation into the platform and data lake operating dashboards, giving the company the ability to assume responsibility for the system without it being a constant drain on their time and resources. This also lessened the otherwise steep learning curve that might have come with the platform.


  • Complex data management
  • Lack of proper cloud-based storage
  • No disaster recovery
  • Legacy network infrastructure


  • GCP foundation
  • New data lake
  • Data logging and monitoring
  • Disaster recovery platform


  • Fully automated workflows
  • Centralized data oversight
  • Stronger IT management
  • Effective team training

200 hours
of monthly training

1/4 million
in annual savings

About The Client

The customer is a global industrial company with businesses that range from the world’s largest roofing and waterproofing business to aggregates, insulation and industry changing solar solutions, as well as real estate and investment platforms. With 15,000 employees, the customer operates in over 80 countries, with 178 manufacturing sites, and generates over $6 billion in annual revenue. Over its 140-year history, the customer has owned and managed business with an eye towards creating long-term value and building world-class assets, alongside its related investment platforms.

About Taos

Taos, headquartered in San Jose, California, empowers enterprises to operate efficiently, rapidly innovate, and scale their business. As a comprehensive Technology Solutions Partner for over 30 years, Taos simplifies today’s complex digital landscape by providing strategic guidance and technical expertise while implementing transformative solutions. We specialize in consulting, migration, and 24x7x365 operations powered by our Cloud and DevOps practices. For more information, please visit taos.com.


The team recognized that data acts as the currency of the future and has invested heavily in an infrastructure that supports growth in this area. Taos brought a level of transparent leadership and “tough love” that gave the customer absolute confidence in our design and implementation process and the resulting GCP-based data lake. Thanks to our training, their IT team understands exactly how to get the most out of the new infrastructure and keep it running flawlessly. And if there is ever any issue or question that arises, we continue to provide ongoing support and troubleshooting.