Appetize called Taos when they needed to meet a Tight Deadline Migrating their Applications to Amazon Web Services.


Appetize is a modern point-of-sale software company delivering solutions to the largest and highest volume clients around the globe in retail, food service, entertainment, leisure, and education. Appetize selected Taos to assist in its cloud migration to AWS, as well as its CI/CD automation and re-platforming to cloud-native services.


When Appetize engaged Taos, they were in the process of migrating from a managed hosting environment into AWS. A subset of the applications had been moved, however there was still a significant number left to migrate. Appetize had a hard deadline for exiting their co-location facility and assistance was needed to meet that deadline. Additionally, the legacy environment had little automation or configuration management in place, and management tasks were manual and time intensive. While Appetize had OpsWorks in place, they were unable to quickly and automatically scale infrastructure based upon rapid demand and peak loads during a very active sports season. Appetize also faced a shortage of employees that could support both the legacy on-premises environment and the new AWS cloud environment. The legacy environment required a significant amount of maintenance, and this was slowing the migration into AWS.


  • EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud
  • ELB – Elastic Load Balancing / Network Load Balancers
  • S3 – S3 Object Storage
  • OpsWorks
  • RDS – Relational Database Service
  • KMS – Key Management Service
  • EFS – Elastic File System
  • IAM – Identity and Access Management

Company Profile

Modern Enterprise, Point of Sale

About The Client

Appetize develops point-of-sale and payment systems for entertainment, leisure and education enterprise businesses around the world.

About Taos

Taos, headquartered in San Jose, California, empowers enterprises to operate efficiently, rapidly innovate, and scale their business. As a comprehensive Technology Solutions Partner for over 30 years, Taos simplifies today’s complex digital landscape by providing strategic guidance and technical expertise while implementing transformative solutions. We specialize in consulting, migration, and 24x7x365 operations powered by our Cloud and DevOps practices. For more information, please visit


Utilizing Taos’ Professional and Managed Services, Appetize was able to fully decommission its datacenter presence and shift to cloud-native capabilities in AWS. The cloud-native approach allows Appetize to leverage next generation tooling, automation, and self-healing capabilities. The following were seen as real results from this initiative:
  • Customer on-premises environment was stabilized, enabling the migration into AWS
  • Lift-and-Shift migration into AWS
  • Re-platforming of critical services once in AWS
  • Implementation of automation AWS automation tooling
  • Customer environment running completely within AWS
  • Decommission of old data center environment