BlueJeans selected Taos to assist in its cloud migration to AWS, as well as create its CI/CD automation


When BlueJeans engaged Taos, they were looking into migration from an on-prem, bare-metal hosted software stack to AWS. They had a mix of monolithic applications and microservices. Most of these were manually built and deployed to their servers over ssh. Some services were dockerized. Many required server specs that were either manually configured or configured via manually triggered chef.


Taos created the CI/CD framework design utilizing a modified git-flow strategy for triggering CI/CD events and workflow. BJN were committed to using BitBucket server as their git hosting platform. Because they were using Jenkins for creating and executing jobs, we choseJenkins as our CI/CD automation tool. BitBucket webhooks were wired with Jenkins BitBucket organization plugin to enable the trigger of jobs via events in BitBucket, such as commits, the creation of pull requests, and merges into “mainline” branches.


  • Jenkins
  • GitHub
  • Chart Museum
  • Docker Registry
  • Helm
  • Kubernetes

Company Profile

Video Conferencing

About The Client

About the ClientBlue Jeans is a works-wide enterprise video conferencing solution which utilizes AI, voice recognition, and high-quality audio and visual processing to deliver an exceptional conferencing experience.

About Taos

Taos, headquartered in San Jose, California, empowers enterprises to operate efficiently, rapidly innovate, and scale their business. As a comprehensive Technology Solutions Partner for over 30 years, Taos simplifies today’s complex digital landscape by providing strategic guidance and technical expertise while implementing transformative solutions. We specialize in consulting, migration, and 24x7x365 operations powered by our Cloud and DevOps practices. For more information, please visit


Taos proved the viability of EKS to replace their on-premises docker solution, allowing BJN toremove the current constraints of hardware capacity and lifecycle challenges in their datacenter which limited their growth potential. In addition, Taos automated the multiple manual steps in the deployment process allowing the developers to achieve faster turnaround on their deployment cycles.