Delivering End-to-End Deployment Management to Empower Future Growth


A tech-based, customer initiative and innovation company, Uni3T is a relatively new startup that had just secured its first customer and had been scaling quickly. However, they struggled with slow and inconsistent deployment of their CI/CD pipeline through GitHub. The Taos team decoupled the CI/CD process and established a streamlined workflow that has transformed Uni3T’s entire approach to deployment.


Accelerating the Workflow
Previously, Uni3T could spend upwards of a day to deliver an entire environment to the customer—and that’s if things ran smoothly. By eliminating all the manual steps Uni3T once relied on, their service-dependent process enables them to deploy software and app updates several times a day, practically at the click of a button.

Rapid Delivery for Transformative Outcomes
With Uni3T, we established a proof of concept to meet their needs, all the way to building out the solution and production in less than three months. This included helping the client choose between Google Cloud Platform and Azure, making them understand how their security and compliance needs aligned better with GCP. We provided cutting-edge tech as well as the comprehensive advisory and training for them to build on this service-based foundation.

Establishing a DevOps Mindset
Uni3T had no dedicated DevOps engineers and admittedly had little direct experience with the whole DevOps side of their industry. With ad hoc training and working sessions, Taos introduced their experts to a better understanding of the architectural issues to give them more control over the technology they could now employ.


  • Slow system deployments
  • Inconsistent results
  • Constantly switching services


  • Multiple GKE clusters
  • CI/CD platform –
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • 8 microservices
  • Ongoing DevOps training


  • Rapid deployment capability
  • High operation scalability
  • Streamlined process repeatability

Client deployments in
>60 seconds

Solution delivered in
>3 months

About The Client

Uni3T assists companies in their IT risk and compliance, quality and innovation initiatives. The business specializes in taking customer initiatives from a challenge to a concrete implementation using methodologies and frameworks such as Agile, Lean and Design Thinking, while leveraging guidelines such as GAMP and ISO, and ensuring industry-specific regulations are met. They are experts in developing unique and cost-effective remediation plans.

About Taos

Taos, headquartered in San Jose, California, empowers enterprises to operate efficiently, rapidly innovate, and scale their business. As a comprehensive Technology Solutions Partner for over 30 years, Taos simplifies today’s complex digital landscape by providing strategic guidance and technical expertise while implementing transformative solutions. We specialize in consulting, migration, and 24x7x365 operations powered by our Cloud and DevOps practices. For more information, please visit


Uni3T is enjoying the ability to rapidly deliver software and app updates to customers without the previous labor-intensive oversight. Plus, they have been empowered to increase process repeatability and scale deployment as they gain more customers.