Case Studies

Real Stories that share how Taos can help deliver on outcomes.

A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes of a Cyberattack



Taos’ Professional Services helped the organization successfully migrate two US-based data centers to GCP


Taos Develops and Delivers a Customized Managed Services Offering to Meet Client Needs

A Cloud-Based Foundation for Powerful Data Management



Delivering End-to-End Deployment Management to Empower Future Growth


Appetize called Taos when they needed to meet a Tight Deadline Migrating their Applications to AWS


Reworking Data Management and Metrics Infrastructure for Streamlined Oversight

BlueJeans selected Taos to assist in its cloud migration to AWS, as well as create its CI/CD automation


Taos played a pivotal role in the migration’s success for Finalsite

Taos helps Crocus Energy move to Google Cloud for increased scalability and speed.