Case Studies

Real Stories that share how Taos can help deliver on outcomes.

A Cloud-Based Foundation for Powerful Data Management



A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes of a Cyberattack



Appetize called Taos when they needed to meet a Tight Deadline Migrating their Applications to AWS


BlueJeans selected Taos to assist in its cloud migration to AWS, as well as create its CI/CD automation


Delivering End-to-End Deployment Management to Empower Future Growth



Entering New 5G Market Leveraging AWS Infrastructure 


Leveraging a Modern Infrastructure Stack for Automated Deployment


Migrating Legacy Applications to GCP in record Time


Reworking Data Management and Metrics Infrastructure for Streamlined Oversight

Taos Accelerates a Digital Transformation for a Large Financial Institution

Taos Develops and Delivers a Customized Managed Services Offering to Meet Client Needs

Taos helps Crocus Energy move to Google Cloud for increased scalability and speed.

Taos played a pivotal role in the migration’s success for Finalsite