Taos Ebooks

Reach Business Resiliency and Sustainability with Kubernetes and Clouds

By re-shaping app delivery, businesses can achieve three outcomes that lead to a sustainable competitive advantage

From Protector to Business Enabler

Reframe the role of security in your organization.


Reduce. Reuse. Reimagine. with Taos

Proactively manage costs and intelligently gain control of your cloud spend.


Controlling Cloud Egress Costs with Taos

Learn about egress and discover how to engage in a holistic approach to cloud spend management.


How to deeply integrate security and automation into your company’s culture

The State of Business in the Cloud

Investing more, wasting less, and future-proofing your business

Fight constant IT changes and escalating costs with runbook automation

Free eBook to win against constant IT change

The DevOps and Cloud Business Case

Convince your CFO that growth and value start here