As COVID-19 continues to cause distress and uncertainty throughout the world, please let me extend a heartfelt wish that your communities are holding steady and families are staying healthy during these unprecedented times.  As a valued customer of Taos, I am writing to inform you that we are determined to continue our mission to solve your technology challenges even during these difficult times. To achieve this mission while also protecting the health and well-being of the Taos family, we have shifted our Taos workforce to a fully remote service to help contain and mitigate the spread of the virus. Our consultants have computers loaded with remote connectivity software, as well as a series of collaboration tools to help support our customers.  As we adapt to the new normal, a trusted partner that brings valuable skills to keep your enterprise pressing forward can be a competitive advantage. Our remote workforce stands at the ready to support your IT needs. If you require full-time support, or just part-time to provide coverage while team members may be recovering from an illness, we have a robust and talented team ready to serve your needs. Taos has seen a spike in customer need for support in the following business-critical IT areas, since the advent of COVID-19:- VPN Capacity Management and Support- Identity and Access Management Support- Network optimization and network capacity management- VDI Deployment / VDI Support – Installing and configuring collaboration tools (Slack, Gsuite, O365, Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams)- General IT Support: Linux, Windows- Additional labor to support their existing service desk- Ensure audit and compliance is maintained while WFH policies are in place- Asset Management Tracking Systems: Mobile / Laptop / desktop We recognize that you need to move swiftly, and Taos is committed to making important decisions to keep your technical operations running.  For many of our clients, the challenges are less around specific technologies and more around lack of specific highly trained skillsets: – Cloud Technologies: AWS, GCP, or Azure.- DevOps Tools and Methodologies- Infrastructure support and modernization- Data Engineering / Data Migration- Task Force Leadership: Account Management / Project Management- Desktop Support- BCP Planning / Execution We are humbled and grateful to have incredible customers like you, whose partnership allowed us to reach our 30th anniversary. We stand committed to serve you during these trying times with an equal level of energy, positivity, and collaboration.  Please let us know how we can continue to support your business-critical IT needs. Hamilton Yu